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Apr 16, 2014 06:32 AM

Corn Casserole?

I'm supposed to bring the corn casserole for Easter dinner, and I've never even tried it before! I found a recipe with great reviews, however many commented that it seemed more like cornbread than a casserole to them.

Is the texture supposed to be more 'soupy' or 'cornbread-ish'? Is there a recipe any of you may recommend?

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  1. There is always a cornbread element in my experience but some recipes are more creamy, which I prefer.

    1. we have a family recipe called corn pudding, its got lots of eggs so its fluffy, not bready. I can post when I get home to see if its what you are looking for . It is delicious!

      1. Paula Deen's corn casserole gets rave reviews. I liked it well enough but it was a tad too sweet for me. Next time(if there is one:-) I won't use Jiffy.!

          1. In my experience, CC comes in 2 varieties-- one is pretty eggy and almost like a soufflé [pudding] whilst the other is an ameliorated cornbread [Paula's].
            I prefer the less bready type, but check with the hostess-- were you asked to bring a [starchy] veg dish or a bread dish?
            This quickly-googled recipe isn't far from my Mom's, but she subs Mexicorn Mix for straight yellow canned: