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Apr 16, 2014 06:26 AM

Quick place for lunch near the Garden State Parkway or TPke in northern NJ?


Am driving from Boston to Washington, and back, next week. About mid way I'd like to stop and have a quick lunch and refuse to eat the dreck served at the rest stops. Can anyone recommend a place to get sandwiches within a short distance of either route in northern NJ?

Having grown up in the area, but not lived there for years, I miss a good deli!

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  1. To quote a famous line from SNL...what exit?

    1. Rutts Hut in Clifton for deep fried hot dogs.

      Burger Express in Carteret. Not anything exceptionally good, but they do throw down a good pork roll, egg, and cheese.

      Harolds in Edison for kosher-style giant deli sandwiches

      Tastee's Sub shop is in Edison, not my favorite, but they seem to be quasi-famous. The president stopped there.

      If you do stop in Edison, your only a few minutes away from White Rose in Highland park for burgers.

      Heck, you could even stop in Philly for cheese steaks.

      Perhaps if you could focus our help a bit better on what kind of sandwiches you want? A hot sandwich like a chicken parm from a pizza place, or a cold cut sandwich from a deli?

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        A good sub or sandwich would be great

        The exit will be dependent on the place, of course

      2. Can't talk about sub or sandwich places, but Edison is a little India. Search this site for info about the many Indian restaurants in Edison.

        1. Off GSP exit 163 (RT17)in Paramus there's a Shake Shack and the Fireplace:

          Or if you continued north on Rt17 you could stop at Kinchley's Tavern for pizza: (RT17 north intersects I-287).

          If you exited the GSP at Exit 161 onto RT4 you could travel about a mile to Bobby Flay's Burger Palace:

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          1. re: Sdenred

            Seconding the rec for Kinchley's pizza - worth detouring for.

          2. you could get off the GSP onto Rt 3 and head east towards the Tick Tock, OR you could quickly jog onto Allwood road and hit the Allwood diner instead of the Tick Tock