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Apr 16, 2014 05:34 AM

Memorial Day in Seaside OR

Ok folks it's my first visit to Seaside OR looking for dining, wine and food-related day trips in the area. Driving from SeaTac down through Longview for a week at Memorial Day. I'm a chef, looking for the best seafood shops, lunch places (fresh-local and/or ethnic,) winery day-trips and the highlights between the coast and Portland. Lay it out for me if you would and thanks as always for the great input. Lunch at Pok Pok Portland is my only scheduled stop so far.

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  1. The Silver Salmon Grill in downtown Astoria (Commercial St.).

    The best seafood shops are Josephson's in Astoria and the Bell Buoy in Seaside.

    If you are driving to Seaside from Sea-Tac through Longview, you won't be going through Portland. That would have to be a side trip. I guess you are going back on US 26. In that case, Camp 18 is the only thing that might be called a "highlight."