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Apr 16, 2014 02:54 AM

Trip to Tokyo in May. Hotels with good restaurants?

Greetings all.

Planning on taking my mom to Tokyo in May, and I am wondering what hotels you guys would recommend.

I am looking for a hotel with good food as I figured that on the final night, my mom would probably be too tired to go too far out for food.

Currently leaning towards The Peninsula as it is located close to Tsukiji/Ginza, but would love to receive any advice and suggestion if possible.
Also, any suggestion on restaurants with good seafood is also extremely welcomed!!! (Doesn't have to be sushi.)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. All of the top hotels in Tokyo have excellent restaurants. The Peninsula has Peter, a place that bills itself as a "grill" restaurant, that is quite good, and with a great view of the city to the west. The Penn also has a super Kyoto style restaurant with kaiseiki and tempura, but with no view. I frequently attend food events where the food is catered by many of the top hotel's "hotel restaurants", rather than restaurants they host (such as Gordon Ramsey at the Conrad), and the food is always fantastic. At these events it often seems as if the various hotel restaurants are competing against each other to have the best dishes.

    My advice is to pick the high end hotel you want to stay in based on the qualities of the hotel. The food is going to be great no matter what.

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      I'm so relieved to hear that. Think I'm just going to stick with The Peninsula then. I think my mom will appreciate where it's located..

      Many thanks! And I'm crazy jealous you get to attend those food events, it sounds super awesome.

      1. Hi, the Park Hyatt Kozue is pretty good with great view.

        If you go early and if you are lucky, you can even see mt. fuji from there!

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          Nu? You'd have to go for lunch at Kozue to see Mt. Fuji, and even then only when the visibility is right, which means late fall to early spring at best. And even then you may not see squat.