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Brooklynite loving Philly

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Living in Brooklyn/NYC of course I can always eat wonderful food but I love going to other cities to experience the different "takes" each city has on its restaurant scene. Well, Philly is amazing. I dined at Marigold and Le Virtu. Marigold did remind me quite a bit of Chicago's Alinea (where I understand the chef worked) and from the lobster soup with sweet bubbles playing off against the intense lobster liquid to a buttery filet Mignon and many in between courses, some with Asian accents, the service and food were outstanding. Added to that it is a BYOB and Marigold comes out to well less than half the price of an Alinea or equivalent in NYC. Le Virtu was truly a virtue of excellence- friendly, family feel, again unbelievably reasonably priced, with amazing homemade pastas, , taccozelle style pasta with homemade sausage, porcini, truffles, saffron, and perhpas the most interesting "gnocchi" dish I have ever sampled. Soup with farro and chestnuts, a special soft-shell crab appetizers and many other dishes. A superb abruzze based Italian meal- a style not often found in the USA. For Sunday brunch we went to Amis and had another fabulous meal- in fact I have never had a brunch quite like this. From the great mixed bread basket to an outstanding egg salad with charred scallion brucetta, airy polenta pancakes with pecans and a golden raisins maple syrup butter to meltingly soft scrambled eggs with roasted mushrooms, red onion and pecorino this was a memorable brunch. We also went to Baby ice cream and the adjacent pizza place while walking around one afternoon and enjoyed the Italian market. Luckily for me my sister and brotherinlaw recently moved to Philly and I have discovered the joy of a 90 minute amtrak ride that makes it easy for me to pop into Philly for a quick visit and opportunity to sample more of your city's culinary joys! Anyone who thinks Philadelphia can't hold its own to NYC should have their taste buds checked! Can't wait to return.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review. Reminds me how lucky we are to have great restaurants, byob, and comparatively reasonable prices. Glad you enjoy our city.

    1. Loved your review! And I'm so glad you enjoyed Le Virtu, one of our favorite places. Now I have an incentive to get to Marigold.
      Come back soon!

      1. I had that taccozzelle pasta dish at Le Virtu a few weeks ago and I can echo that it is truly wonderful.

        1. I, too am a New Yorker who was in Philly this past weekend. Had dinner at Vernicks. Food good; but we were pretty disappointed. I had booked the Chef's table a while ago. Somehow, although they had it written down, they neglected to reserve the table and it would have been a 40 minutewait. They did give us an extra dish.

          On Sunday we had brunch al LeCroix. I don't think there could be a better brunch anywhere. Food , service and ambience were wonderful. Our waiter, Eric, claimed he remembered us from last year. He even knew my birthday...or maybe they keep a record for a while. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny.

          1. This post made me even hungrier than my usual baseline of ravenous.