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Apr 15, 2014 06:11 PM

Where can I buy Rosé de Riceys?

Eleven years ago, while visiting Fecamp, France, we enjoyed a brilliant wine that had a deep orange hue. I still taste for Rosé de Riceys. Does anyone know if this, or any other orange colored wine, is available in the USA?

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  1. There is a site called "Wine Searcher" that helps find suppliers of wines around the world.

    I searched for you and there are three US suppliers: Royal Wine Merchants NYC; Bacchus Wine Market, San Diego; and CorksCru, Portland. The price is between US$45 to 60 a bottle. They all seem to do delivery.

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      I love wine searcher! I just used it yesterday to find some Irouléguy Arretxea. I found it, but I also found out I have to go to NYC for it (or get it shipped, of course, but going there is easy for me). It's a good resource.

    2. Lucky you. it is a rare wine. Quite stunning. Surprised you found it in Fecamp. It's not seen very much outside of the Champagne region, though as PhilD mentions, it appears intermittently online.

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        I had in Normandie too. It seems that it's a very common pairing with tripes au cidre.

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          So that's where they're all going!