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Apr 15, 2014 04:50 PM

Café Smile - Portuguese bar and grill in Mile End?

I was on the 55 bus, and just had time to scribble down the name and address. There was a sign saying something to the effect that now they had "grillades portugaises". S mile is also a sort of pun on Mile End, at least in their video, but there is another Portuguese churrasqueria not far away that is named Mile End.

Has anyone been there, or know anything about the place?

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  1. This place has been through a number of incarnations over the years. As I recall it started with a non-specific amalgamation of menu items (quesadillas, fish n' chips, the occasional asian dish) and then at some point went portuguese. That's never a great sign, but I've never actually stepped through the door.

    1. i walk by a lot when i go to mile-end or plateau and the place is almost always empty

      i believe it went through some renovations last summer. they have some interesting promos but with so much interesting restaurants in the neighborhood, it's hard choosing