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Apr 15, 2014 02:55 PM

carciofi alla giudia?

I've seen this dish on menus but when I ordered it I got fried baby artichokes or wedges of larger artichokes. Anyone seen the real thing around here?

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  1. Joyce Goldstein is reprising her Passover dinners at Perbacco tonight and tomorrow night. Carciofi alla giudia is on the starters list.

    Also during Passover week, Palio d'Asti is serving them, but described as "modern Jewish style;" and Delfina is showing "Jewish style artichokes". So, those two may or may not be according to Hoyle.

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    1. re: Rapini

      My husband had one at Locanda several months ago. Looked like the picture.

      1. re: wally

        The ones I had at Locanda were small, good but not the dish I'm looking for.

      2. re: Rapini

        Thanks for the tip, Rapini! We snagged a reservation at Perbacco for tonight.