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Apr 15, 2014 02:39 PM

Toronto Restaurant Rec Needed

I'm planning a family birthday dinner and I need some restaurant recommendations. Of the 6 of us 3 are celebrating birthdays so I'm looking for somewhere special.

I'd also like to accommodate as many of everybody's preferences as possible:
One is a pescatarian, will eat fish but no other meat.
One will not eat fish.
One will not eat Chinese food.
One does not like Mexican food.
One has just spent three months in Tokyo so would prefer not Japanese.
I'd like something in the downtown Toronto core, somewhere that will take a reservation because I'm not standing in line for a table, budget of around $300.00 (excluding wine).


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  1. $300 each or are you looking for something "special" for $50 a person?

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    1. re: pourboi

      $50 for just food can get some nice stuff. She did say excluding wine, I'd assume that's also excluding tax and tip.

      1. re: LexiFirefly

        its a Birthday so I assume they will order dessert (to sing happy bday).. So you are talking $13 app, $25 main & $12 dessert... in the downtown core that takes reservations and is special and has a varied enough menu to meet all the restrictions - ruling out all Asian & Latin cusines (as most people who say they dont like chinese will also tend to not want thai in my experience)..

        I am having trouble thinking of one place..

        1. re: pourboi

          Woodlot would probably fit the bill, but I haven't been in years. Also somewhere with sharing plates would probably work. Like torito? Or maybe the people who dislike Chinese could check out the shoto menu to see if it's in their comfort zone, they have flexible pricing that's in their budget for the group dinners.

          1. re: LexiFirefly

            Do you mean Diasho? Unless they do something outside their regular menu Shoto is $95/person for the 5-6 courses they do during the week and would almost certainly not work for one who does not eat fish.

            - Luma
            - Globe Bistro

    2. Le Select Bistro is my go-to for family events. Usually something for everyone, at least everyone in my family (we have pescatarians and someone who avoids "spice").

      1. My first thought is Bero but it looks like it's out of your budget. It's priced at $68 but it's 4 courses and there are many selections that are fish and NOT fish to come up with a selection they like.

        The other one that I can think of that is 'nice and cozy' is Simple Bistro. It's right in your price point and there are enough variety on the menu to accommodate your choice.

        For truly downtown Toronto, there's Patria... it's a gorgeous room with a great atmosphere. It takes reservations if I'm not mistaken and they have a $55 price fixe that would work with your limitations. It's all shared plates... the Pescatarian can enjoy more of the Shrimp dish while the one who does not eat fish can eat more of the steak.

        1. If you tell Bistrot92 (Guy) or Bistro Camino (Maya) the story they will make wonderful and memorable meals for $50. Like a mini party with choice. Both are chef-owner places with the c-o having cooked many years at fancy places. The locations are not downtown, but there is ample and free parking.
          See prior posts.
          Their prix fixe meals are excellent for $30 and $27-30. For $50, wow!

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          1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

            +1 for Bistro Camino. If insisting to be downtown, check out some Hotel restaurant menu offerings. Annona at the Park Hyatt might work.

            1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

              That reminds me. Time for another visit to Bistro Camino!

            2. Agree on the idea of Le Select - always a solid option. Maybe also Sidecar.

              Or an Italian choice like Enoteca Sociale or F'Amelia.

              The Grove has a prix fixe at $45 but has other options too. I find their food to be suitable for a special occasion and the space is nice for a small group.

              Ruby Watchco could also work at a prix fixe of $49 and you could let them know your dietary issues and they would work around that. I think it could be a good option for a celebration with so many food issues involved.