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Apr 15, 2014 02:25 PM

Cicchetti tour

My family and I are planning a trip to Italy in June. Our first three days will be in Venice. The idea of Cicchetti has my mouth watering already. I've seen a few Cicchetti tours online but they are not cheap. Since we've never been to Venice I thought it would be a great way for a family of foodies to start our trip, but after reading some the threads I'm wondering if with a little research if we can't go it on our own. Would love some help. Thanks in advance.
This one sounds like so much fun.

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  1. Have you done a search of this board for cicchetti eating in Venice? The topic does get discussed here from time to time.

    A simple search for "cicchetti" turns up these past threads:

    1. We have done the ghost story and cichetti tour with Monica Cesarato. It is wonderful fun. You are led through the maze of Venice alleys, fed delicious snacks and wine and you hear delightfully gruesome tales told by a native Venetian.

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        Everybody has their own comfort zone with dealing with local culture in a foreign language, and certainly a tour can remove this anxiety as well as the need to navigate for yourself and may also provide its own type of social experience if wanted, but to me this trend is part of the Disney-ification of Venice. Venice as a whole is fully accessible to visitors without the assistance of guides to mediate the experience, and tourists have been navigating the back streets of venice and dropping into local bars and ordering a drink and some bar snacks there literally forever. Im guessing if you plan to go on your own and have questions about how its done folks here will give some advice in addition to bar reccs.

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          I live in Italy year round, speak Italian and know my way around Venice reasonably well. We all really enjoyed doing a bit of both exploring (in Venice that means getting lost and your phone battery will inevitably be dead, make sure you have a paper map:) and having a local enrich our experience.

          Even here in Rome I enjoy spending time with a professional guides who have deepened my understanding of places I walk by every day.

          I think there is room room for both, if you choose people/companies who only guide small or private groups and are also passionate and knowledgeable about their city.

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            I guess I agree, and clearly just as in the past many people experience their italian trips through tours - Im just saying its hardly necessary and in tourist-impacted Venice, it can be felicitous to encounter the city and its people outside the mediation of a tourist bubble. The side calle can be peaceful and quiet if you are on your own and not part of a group.

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          I have arranged for the cicchetti tour with Monica for the first night we are in Venice. I am wondering if the food you eat on this tour constitutes dinner? Or will we need to supplement?

          1. re: cathleenmarie

            You might want a light dinner. We stayed on at the final stop and ordered salads and pasta.

        3. Thank you both. I did get some good information from the search DavidT. The tour does sound like fun and Monica's seems very affordable.