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Apr 15, 2014 01:12 PM

Soul fire in Brighton

Has anyone been to this place lately? Still worth going?

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    1. Definitely worth going. Their ribs and fried chicken are still really good.

      1. We ate there a few days ago. It is my favorite barbecue place in the area. For 3 or 4 reasons:

        1. The side dishes can be really, really good. Cornbread, potato salad, baked beans ... not always fantastic but sometimes are and always good.
        2. Food is not sweet. I've been to Blackstrap, for example, and while it's obvious they care about the BBQ process, their food is way too sweet for my taste. Soulfire has a fiery sauce that isn't sweet at all and which mixes well with their other sauces. (They have a sweet sauce, labeled as such.)
        3. The smoked chicken is always really good. And really smoky.
        4. People have very strong feelings about ribs. I find both their spare and baby back ribs to be meaty in taste and mouthfeel. I also like fat on mine, meaning I don't like when the fat has been rendered away, which often means too high a temp.

        In general, I don't "rate" ribs because talk about "smoke rings" and the like don't convey actual taste to me. I like BT's ribs but most around here just aren't to my taste. Soulfire seems committed to the essence of BBQ, which is that it's a process that must be repeated over and over.

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          i agree about their bbq, but personally, i find their sides way too sweet for me- cornbread, potato salad, coleslaw.....

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            A smoke ring is an indication that the meat actually has been smoked, a crucial step that many "barbecue" restaurants in New England seem to miss somehow. I think that people sometimes miss the point and think that the smoke ring is the whole point, and it's not, but it is a valid indicator of whether something's legit or not.

              1. Anything pork or chicken is fine, they have no idea what they're doing with beef.