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Apr 15, 2014 01:03 PM

Best food trucks [San Francisco]

Hi there, my relatives and I are heading out to San Francisco this weekend and we're super excited to try the food trucks!

Can you give me the names of some of your favorites/recommendations. We're trying to get to the biggest ones where we can sample the most variety.


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  1. Try Off the Grid in Fort Mason Center, where food truck convene to serve food. Every Friday at 5 p.m.

    Do a search and it will tell what trucks are going to be there.

    Only suggestion: get there early the wait/lines can be harsh.

    1. Some of my favorites are Senor Sisig, Koja Kitchen, the Chairman, and JapaCurry.
      In addition to the Off the Grid locations, there is also the soma streat food park near 11th and Harrison that is open daily

      1. As mentioned, Off the Grid's Fort Mason Center Friday night event is the largest by far, with 30+ vendors. Ir's actually a mixture of food trucks and tented stalls, not all food trucks. There's a wide array of cuisines, so I'd suggest you go by what looks or sounds good. You can find the Fort Mason event on the OTG website, and click through for info on individual vendors.

        I agree that the SoMa StrEatFood Park is a must event as well. There will be 9-10 vendors at any given time, and they vary from day to day, though two vendors (Lil Burma and Firetrail Pizza) are parked there permanently. On weekends you can pick your time of day. I recommend the Lil Burma trailer if you want to sample some authentic Burmese fare (which can be hard to find in other cities).

        From your posting history, I'm guessing you are from TO. Enjoy the weather change!

        1. I'll list my favorites in the options already mentioned and add two more.

          Ferry Building Farmer's Market, Saturday (on the outside, south side of the building): Roli Roti for its porchetta sandwich (technically a truck but parked outside as a booth). The line can get long but moves pretty quickly. My friend visiting from NYC said this sandwich was his favorite thing he ate in SF. You can also get empanadas from El Porteno inside the building from a stand.

          Off the Grid, Friday evening in Fort Mason: Cupkates has moist cupcakes with light buttercream (not stiff). I like Chairman for the pork belly steamed bun, but not that different if you already eat a lot of gua bao. I really enjoyed the "Almost Veggie" sandwich from Bacon Bacon, a special that may not always be available.

          SoMa StrEat Food park, Sunday: my favorite new ice cream place is Frozen Kuhsterd. Very strong flavors, like Thai ice tea, with a creamy texture due to a high egg yolk content.

          Also on Sunday, Off the Grid's Picnic in the Presidio: Not as many trucks and more booths / tents. I enjoy Go Streatery's lemon ricotta doughnuts. You can find El Porteno there too if you miss them at the Ferry Building.

          So many choices! I don't have a sweet tooth, but most of the stand out items to me happen to be desserts.

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            All my favorite trucks are dessert trucks too. My recs are the same as tofuflower's with one addition: I was pretty impressed with the creme brûlée truck. We tried two flavors, both excellent with coconut being my favorite, and the texture was perfect.