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Apr 15, 2014 12:37 PM

First Lunch in Provence - help please

We are flying from Barcelona to Marseille in August for a 5-day explore of Provence (not nearly enough time). Anyway, we will be renting a car in Marseille and making our way on our first day to Beaumettes (north of Aix en Provence). We would like to have recommendations of a place for lunch either in Marseille or somewhere along the way or not too much off our path. Great view and wonderful food are our goals to relax into our holiday. We welcome any suggestions (it will be a Wednesday). Thanks!

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  1. There is an iffy burb of Marseille called Les Baumettes.
    Then there is a village next to the beautiful village of Goult in the Luberon part of Provence.
    Neither are particularly near Aix, although the Baumettes near Goult could be said to be north of Aix.
    Could you clarify where you will be so that we won't waste our time and yours sharing advice that you can't use ?
    And are you saying you will be based in this Baumettes?
    Or is this a day trip?
    Thanks for helping us help you.

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      Sorry Parigi - my ignorance of French geography is showing. We will be staying our first two nights at Au Ralenti du Lierre at Village des Beaumettes 84220 Gordes France. It is halfway between Gordes and Menerbes (due south of Gordes). Does that clarify?

      1. re: lindatork

        Yes. That is the village near Goult.
        There are many options in the Luberon, with many current threads that you can look up. There are several villages with good restaurants within a 15, 20 minute drive from Les Baumettes, like Goult, Gordes and Bonnieux. Don't forget to reserve.

        If you arrive at Les Baumettes at an awkward hour - restaurants in France are closed during non-meal time, - just go to nearby Coustellet, to Maison Gouin to pick up cold cuts an cooked dishes from the excellent deli and butcher.

    2. A few years back I made the fateful decision to go from the Marseille Provence airport to lunch in Marseille at Fonfon. I was wanting bouillabaisse. Well the bouillabaisse was wonderful but while I was eating I discovered upon returning to my car that someone had broken the small side window and opened the car and pulled down the backseats and emptied out my trunk. Nothing in the trunk could be seen. So what I am trying to say by way of example, I would go to where you are staying and drop off your luggage and then figure out what you are going to eat. I have returned several times including a couple of weeks ago at La boite a Sardine, to eat in Marseille without problem. But I vowed I would never go to Marseille again before I emptied my trunk. We have a house in the Vaucluse and come several times a year.

      1. La Table de Ventabren (in Ventabren) might be what you are looking for - meeting your food & view requirements. The only hitch is that their website states that orders must be placed by 1:15pm (they open at noon), and you haven't indicated your flight arrival time. If you do not think you can get there in time, you should contact le Potager du Mas (the restaurant in the Mas de la Rose in Orgon) , and find out how late they can serve you. (I cannot find anything on their website.) They don't have a "view" in the same sense as la Table de Ventabren, but the property is beautiful. Lastly if you just can't work out the timing of either of these places, there's le Repaire in Vernègues, open non-stop from noon to 10pm. They serve an assortment of salads, crêpes (savory & sweet), omelets, and ice cream concoctions - on a mountain-top terrace.

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          thank you, Boredough. From their website it looks like La Table takes the final lunch seating at 1:15 so I am not sure after we land, get car etc that we will make it. le Potager du Mas looks beautiful! I am going to contact them. Spot on to the type of restaurant we are dreaming about for an intro to the region.

        2. Thank you to all for the suggestions. Exactly what I wanted to know. Our flight arrives at 11:30 am. Is lunch in France late as in Spain - 2pm or so?

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            i wouldn't count on restaurants serving late in the countryside. And why race for it?
            If you make it, fine.
            If not, get a great picnic from Maison Gouin.

            1. re: Parigi

              Oh no. Absolute no racing. Sloooow travel only!