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Apr 15, 2014 12:32 PM

Comments/Thoughts on proposed London itinerary?

My wife and I are leaving soon for London, with one night spent at Heathrow (dinner at Mr. Todiwala's).

So far, we've plans to dine at Amesta, Harwood Arms, Pollen Street Social. Lunch at St. John's Bread & Wine, and at Dinner.

Anything we should drop? Any "must adds"?

We've heard good things about 28-50 -- thoughts? ideas as to one location being better than the other?

Other thoughts and comments cheerfully received. ;^)

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  1. Lots of good ethnic restaurants in London, maybe shake it up a bit. We had a really good meal at Nopi last year and love Barrafina and Koya (no reservations at either, though). We ate at Pollen SS a couple of years ago, very unmemorable and pretty expensive. I would also add Indian, there are lots of great places in London.

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      They have Indian at Mt Rodiwala's. Whether you go more "ethnic" depends on where you come from, many cities are on par with London in that regard. I think what is special about London (in world terms) are the new restaurants and chefs.

      My thoughts. I have yet to see a good review for Amesta and would save is for a trip to the mothership in Spain (which is very good). I like the Harwood.

      Like Macdog I thought PSS was sub-par - it had all the boxes ticked but did absolutely nothing for me (I also found them a bit up themselves). St John is always a good visit in London. And I don't really know enough about Dinner but have never been tempted to go.

      My best meal was Hedone last year and think its a must do. Antidote is related to it in Central London so if you don't want to head to Chiswick that would work. Chiltern Firehouse seems tone the hot new opening - maybe try for a cancelation.

      28-50 sounds good and maybe compare to Terroirs or Green Man & French Horn. If you want Spanish maybe Barrafina or Jose or Donostia or Opera Tavern is a safer bet.

    2. I much prefer Social Eating House to PSS - better food and more relaxed setting; their bar is also great (although the cocktails at PSS are good and tend to be the reason I call in).

      With 28-50, I like the Marylebone branch as long as you're not downstairs; I also like Fetter Lane branch but it's in the city so tend sto have more suited business folks dining (I expect it's dead/shut at the weekends). the Maddox Street branch has more of a chain feel, to me. Which makes me want to join up with Phil's point comparing them to Green Man/Terroirs - I think the latter are more individual and therefore have more character but on the other hand, I think you get a more consistent experience with 28-50 and you can predict a bit more what you'll be offered based on the online menus.

      I went to Dinner ages ago and liked it very much. I also came away thinking their set lunch menu would be good esp if you want to watch your wallet a bit.

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      1. re: abby d

        Thanks for ALL of your feedback -- even though I'm posting this as a reply to abby d, this is a general reply to all . . .

        PSS is out; Social Eating House is in. Amesta is simple; it was selected because the last time we were in San Sebastian, we went to Mugaritz, and not Arzak. But it looks as though we'll wait to we return to San Sebastian, and *not* try it in the UK! ;^)

        Perhaps Clove Club will replace that on our list.

        We've also added Antidote (rather than Hedone).

        I feel somewhat compelled to point out that Mr. Todiwalla's Kitchen *is* Indian food, and we quite enjoyed our meal there on our last layover -- surprisingly good, at least to what we get in the SF Bay Area (where that chaat is good, but not necessarily the [slightly] more formal "sit-down" dinners).

        We'll probably do either Fetter or Marylebone for lunch while there -- or Terroirs -- depending upon where we are when we start feeling peckish.

        Thanks again.

      2. Good choices overall - as per other comments, I'd add some Indian. It looks like you are veering towards the higher end of things so maybe Gymkhana?

        Ametsa has had pretty universally bad write ups though cant say I have been there myself. Any reason you went for it?

        I would also add that my favourite spot at the moment is Clove Club in Shoreditch for quite a unique take on British cuisine