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Apr 15, 2014 12:20 PM

Siba's Table on Cooking Channel

I caught this show bright and early this morning and really enjoyed it. Siba is a breath of fresh air amongst all of the over the top tv personalities, and the food looks really good. There's not much on yet so I also dug up some of her recipes from FN UK. I hope we see a lot more of her!

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  1. I watched this today too, I enjoyed it also. She's so cute!

    1. I adore Siba! I am recording all past episodes. It looks like there are only 12, but I hope Food Network UK gives her another series and/or another season of Siba's Table. A little background on the show and Siba.

      Her recipes are like nothing else on any channel in the US, and she is warm and knowledgeable.