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Apr 15, 2014 12:01 PM

My new favorite Chinese Restaurant in Houston

and not in Chinatown is Chuan's at 5901 Westheimer Rd. FINALLY stopped by to have lunch. Large seating area left and right of entry with 3/4+ filled with Asian customers. The food is prepared Szechuan style and is naturally, spicy, as in hot. For $8 bucks I ordered and Shredded chicken w garlic Sauce. The order incl an app of Hot-Sour soup, eggroll. The main incl rice, a plentiful amt of broc and other assorted veggies and of course the chicken. Terrific balance of flavor and spice, the restaurant is neat and clean and the service, attentive and friendly. I so much enjoyed lunch, I also ordered to-go a few other items to warm tonight for dinner. This is my new go-to for Chinese cuisine!

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  1. Wow, $35 tea (at least I hope it's a pot) and bullfrog! Crazy enough to be interesting.

    1. It's also next to my favorite chicken salad sandwich place, French House. Love the cucumber soup there too

      1. Based on this recommendation, I went there for lunch. I'd had a very unpleasant morning giving a deposition in my lawyer's office, and needed something soothing, wonderful, and tasty to relax and calm me down before facing Katy Freeway traffic heading home.

        I've got to say, I love this place. It's so pretty, and the d├ęcor made me feel like I was young again, and living in Hong Kong, some of the most delightful years of my life.

        I had the steamed pork dumplings to start, and they were just perfect. Put in another order to take home. And for main, a scallop dish. Think it was Salt & Pepper Scallops, but not sure I've got the name exactly right. However, whatever it was called, it was absolutely sublime. It was a large portion, so I only ate half. The scallops had been coated in something and fried, so they had a crispy exterior. I was a little apprehensive that they wouldn't be so good as an 'at home leftover,' but I crisped them up in the toaster oven and they were just fine.

        Also ordered some hot & sour soup to take home, and it was perfect as well.

        Love this place. Thanks for the review!

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          I've been back a couple since Jaymes and can't get enough! DanDan noodles are terrific and Kung Pao chx was great too! Hell, I hate to upset the balance with 80%+ Asian diners! Would be a shame if they altered the menu and prices! This place rocks!