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Apr 15, 2014 10:27 AM

Looking for lamb in restaurants

I'm looking for recommendations for good lamb dishes in restaurants. My target area is VA or DC but if you want to post about MD for others' benefit that's fine with me.

Probably in the near term I'm most interested in lamb in a nice restaurant where I can get a good glass of red wine. But I'm also open to more casual options for other occasions.

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  1. Kapnos on 14th might fit the bill.

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    1. re: KevinS

      Kapnos looks so good, thanks for reminding me about it. I've never been there. I would love to try the whole lamb shoulder but there will only be two of us. There's the marinated spring lamb though.

    2. Pretty casual place but the lamb chops at Ravi Kabob in Arlington are delicious. Go to the slightly more formal one on the SW corner of the intersection of Pershing and N. Glebe. The one at the NE corner is older.
      Try their chole if you want to taste what I think is the best chole/choley in northern Virginia. For an unassuming dish it really rocks the house.

      1. amoo's grilled lamb chops are ***the*** best.

        double new zealand chops marinated, tender, juicy, perfectly cooked (pink). served with terrific persian pilaf. photo shows version with pomegranate marinade, iirc. don't let appearance of bones fool you -- these chops are perfection.

        ask for chef sebastian. he's wonderful.

        mclean, va.

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          amoo's just won award from city paper for best persian in DC metro area!

        2. it's pricey, but Thursdays are lamb chop night at RIS in the West End. nice and crusty yet as rare (or not) as you want.

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              Yes the lamb at Rasika West End is very good. I had it as part of a tasting menu a year or so ago and remember loving it.