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Apr 15, 2014 09:38 AM

Fretet Street (Portlandia?)

If we are staying in the French Quarter but planning to rent bikes, is a ride up to Fretet street for an afternoon or evening advisable? Is it unique and friendly in that Southern way while being young and fresh? Or is it Portlandia?

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  1. Freret is a far cry from's mostly a focused strip of restaurants surrounded by mostly residential blocks. If you want more variety (restaurants, boutiques, different shops), then look to Magazine Street.

    1. I don't think there are hipsters strictly analogous to Portlandia in NOLA. Locals would know better of course, but in my experience the NOLA hipsters are not quite as precious and tend to smoke and drink more. They are also almost entirely from away.

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          I would say you might want Magazine Street for your bike ride for many of the things you said you were looking for, with some spots that are new and fresh.

          Freret Street is a condensed 2-3 blocks of good places for food/drink that is new and fresh but missing the charm part you want. You could call it a cool street but I wouldn't call it a hip street unless by hip you mean the new hot in area definition of hip.