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Apr 15, 2014 09:33 AM

Brooklyn Beer Bar hopping - food recommendation?

We'll be visiting NYC for a few days in May (staying in Midtown), and plan to take the Sunday we are there to walk around Brooklyn a bit and hit some beer destinations. Brooklyn Brewery and Torst are the definites on our list. I'm looking for some ideas of where we can eat...we'll be in t-shirt and shorts mode, so it needs to be relatively casual. Looking for a good early lunch/brunch option before hitting Brooklyn Brewing, and then something for dinner. Honestly, just something with really good bar-type food will fit the bill.

As far as the beer-bar tour, the following are on the radar...any thoughts/recommendations on a beer itinerary are welcome:

Dirk the Norseman
Brouwerij Lane
Mugs Alehouse

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  1. for dinner, paulie gee's for pizza sounds like a nice way to sop up the alcohol.

    im hard pressed to think of a great restaurant near brooklyn brewery but perhaps five leaves for brunch/lunch would be ideal.

    1. The brewery isn't really a great can't miss type of thing. The public tour is a 10-15 minute talk standing in one room, that covers the history of the brewery. Most people into beer probably know it anyway. When it is over, you purchase tokens and drink on picnic tables indoors. Prices aren't any kind of great deal unless you buy 4 and they don't do small sample sizes. And most of the beers are available locally- often at Mugs. You can have food delivered to the brewery if you want. Arepas from Caracas might be fun. Smorgusburg, the weekly foodfest, will be going on a few blocks away at the park on the river. That might be more fun. Go on the early side. Gets crowded.

      Bar list of those 4, plus Torst, are excellent. Might want to plan your route strategically. Barcade is a little away from the others. Other options are Breukelen Bier Merchants, which is a bottle/growler shop with on-premises drinking; The Gibson and The Gutter, between Mugs and Dirck, have good craft beer lists.

      I agree ending up for dinner at Paulie Gee's. You can pre-game or post-game at Brouwerij Lane, which is right up the block.

      1. Mugs has well executed pub food as well as a nice beer selection.

        Radegast Hall specializes in German beers and food. I've only eaten there once but I liked what I had a lot.

        1. On my visit to Torst, we got a meal at Lomzynianka, a Polish restaurant nearby, and it was a great bargain, loads of fun, and delicious. BYOB.

          1. as a craft beer lover living in queens. We often say williamsburg is where our local bars are.
            if you go during the day look into the east river ferry.

            1st stop - hunters point/Long island City (queens
            Alewife - $25 brunch includes all you can drink select cocktails w/ brunch. Also w/in walking distance for brunch or great food - Woodbines & Open Door.
            2 breweries walking distance from that ferry stop - Big Alice Brewery & Rockaway Brewing Company

            2nd stop on Ferry - India Street/Greenpoint
            Torst, Spritzenhaus, The Diamond, Brouwerij Lane,Dirk the Norseman

            3rd stop on ferry N 6th St/ N Williamsburg
            mugs ale house, brooklyn brewery, spuyten duyvil, barcade (take cab back to ferry)

            4th stop - stay on ferry -take a little break :) shafer landing swilliamsburg

            5th stop - dumbo - walk around take in the sites in your drunken stupor...

            you can hop on and off the ferry - or take it back to the city