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Oct 28, 2003 09:24 AM

70th B-Day: Hotels and Dining???

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We (3 brothers, their wives, and kids from Boston, NYC, and Baltimore) are planning to celebrate my NYC mother's 70th B-day in Montreal in November. She loves fine food and stylish, elegant hotels. The catch is that two grandchildren are quite young and will need babysitting in the hotel for the main dinner.

What stylish, elegant hotel would you recommend that has a top-notch restaurant in the hotel?


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  1. Yikes! Hotel dinning rooms in Montréal are, generally speaking, not the most memorable places in town. In fact, many hotels, such as the Omni and Ritz Carlton have drastically cut back hours of operation with the former closing the resto completely as of Nov 1st.

    I would make 3 recommendations, but encourage you to consider leaving the hotel. Contact your concierge in advance, they can all arrange babysitting.

    1. Le Saint Sulpice and Restaurant S. Old Montreal all suite hotel with a good location with a chic warm modern decor. Restaurant S is heavy on meats and seafood. The quality is very high and service is generally quite professional.

    2. Sofitel Montréal. The newest hotel on Sherbrooke street. Modern decor again with a lot of wood and huge windows, but still very warm. Renoir started off very shaky, but I have heard things are improving.

    4. Chateau Versailles (or Meridian Versailles which is right across the street, but doesn't have the same elegance) & Restaurant Bronte. Bronte is new (1 month) and is run by the chef from Cube in Old Montreal. I have only had a business lunch here, but found the menu to show a lot of promise and the crew at this resto have a lot of good experience and creativity.

    Finally, I think the best and most elegant hotel in Montreal is The St-James, but at $400.00 Canadian per night it is not for everyone. They don't have a restaurant, but many things are very close by.

    Also try for info on Nelligan / Versus Resto and Place D'arms / Aix en Cuisine

    Feel free to contact me directly if this isn't clear or if you need more info

    1. Hotel St-Paul in old Mtl with a fine restaurant Cube

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        Hotel St. Paul and Restaurant Cube worked out perfectly. Chic, hip, elegant, friendly - just what my now 70 year old New Yorker mom likes. The tasting menu meal for our party of 10 on Saturday night was superb. Beautifully paced, presented, and served, with exquisite flavors and textures.

      2. I can happily suggest the Queen Elaizabeth Hotel. It has everything that are looking for, and sitters for the the kids too.