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Apr 15, 2014 09:06 AM

North End Rehearsal Dinner

Are there any spots in the North End that could accommodate around 30 people for a rehearsal dinner? I know very little about whether any spots have rooms to rent or might take a private reservations for the entire space for one evening.

Any feedback is great, I am helping someone else who is independently searching around - hoping I could hone in on a few options

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  1. Mother Anna's has a long side room that would probably hold about 30.

    1. Mamma Maria can do it.
      And although it's not in the North End, Mistral is the best place to do a celebratory dinner for 30, IMHO (if it fits in your budget, of course).

      1. We had about 75 folks for our rehearsal dinner in the North End, so had limited options. We ended up renting out Dolce Vita and had a great experience. That restaurant is too big for your group, but I wouldn't hesitate to ask smaller restaurants for the same thing. BTW... they were very flexible with the menu.

        For the private room option, I believe the top floor of Ristorante Fiore becomes a private room incl. the rooftop deck. It was too small for our group, but that's a nice option.

        1. We had a great rehearsal dinner at Loconte's.

          1. Tresca has a perfectly sized room upstairs to accommodate that number of guests.