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Apr 15, 2014 08:54 AM

Mr. A's

Soo, it is our anniversary in a couple of weeks. Is Mr. A's worth it?? Or do you go there just because and then you have eaters remorse. We were thinking of leaving N. County and pretending to be cool and hip and stay downtown.

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  1. I've never had eater's remorse about going to Mr. A's. I don't think you will find any regular contributor to the board who thinks it's the best food in San Diego, but I think it's a great place for a special occasion. The food and service are excellent, and if you're able to snag a "view" table at just the right time of day, it is a one-of-a-kind experience.

    Congratulations on your anniversary.

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      Thank you, we have been to most of the CH darlings and always avoided this and really wondered why. Thought of trying Juniper and Ivy or the Ironstone Fish and oyster. Maybe the next day.

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        J&I is finding its groove, but I wouldn't choose it as a special occasion restaurant. It's loud and lively bordering on frenetic, nothing romantic about it.

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          " It's loud and lively bordering on frenetic, nothing romantic about it."


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        I think Dobson's would be a nice place for your anniversary dinner. No view though, of course.

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          I don't think they have great food (even their mussel bisque is just OK) especially for their prices

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          Dobson's is a bit "fusty" - I don't think they have updated either the decor or the menu since the 90s. I don't mind sitting at the bar downstairs for lunch, but it really needs a re-do, and I get the feeling the owner is about to retire soon, so it's not going to happen. I also agree with what DD says about Mr. A's. Before they remodeled a few years ago, it was REALLY retro - the food, ambiance right down to the patrons ;). It has been udpated, but it's still very traditional. Should be a good meal though, and the view cannot be beat.

        3. I think whether or not you're a fit for Mr. A's may depend upon your age range.

          If you're young (under 30), hip and trendy, I'd say skip it, it'll be too staid for you

          If you're young, but don't mind, and don't feel out of place, dining with the 45+ age group because the food is good, go for it, but end the night someplace a little more lively.

          If you're over 35 with expendable income, it's probably a reasonable choice.

          The food won't be cutting edge or innovative, but it will be well conceived, well presented and taste good. The service will (or should) be on the friendly but professional side. The view will be good and the noise level low enough to let you carry on a decent conversation with your dining companions, but not so low that you'll think you're in a morgue.

          Because of some family stuff that was going on over the holidays we were seriously looking at Mr. A's for Christmas Eve but we decided to stay in and cook at the last minute. It is a good special occasion choice when you want something a little more formal than the casualness of our usual restaurants, but not so stuffy that the dining experience is dull or uncomfortable.

          And if you aren't sure...go for drinks, apps and the sunset view and then move on to something else for dinner and late night. Enjoy your anniversary, the evening and each other and your choice of venue really won't matter ;-)

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            Thank you so much. We are in our early and late 40's so we are in the perfect age bracket!! I think I am looking for a good solid dining experience, does not have to be innovative, just tasty.
            My other suggestions to the spousal unit was a repeat dinner at Addison.
            Cowboy Star

            Wherever we end up, I want to either walk or take a cab from hotel. Enjoying a kid-free night

          2. If you look into that type of more "old school" dining you should look into Mille Fleurs (Rancho Santa Fe). Same chef but better food.

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            1. Honkman gave you the suggestion of Millie Fleurs, which is a great suggestion. How about you stay at the RSF Inn and eat out on the patio of Morada? Really a nice view and you can just wander off to your bungalow after dinner. If you did that, you wouldn't have to pretend to be cool, you would be too cool for words.

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                Thank you littlestevie, that is a great idea too.