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Apr 15, 2014 08:42 AM

Great Mexican Food in Toledo Ohio?

Help me out here. Within an hour of Toledo, half star, three star, food truck....whatever. Good or great TexMex or Mexican is the goal.

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  1. San Marcos, 235 Broadway by the high level bridge.

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    1. re: sammyo

      Gracias amigo. Any other places for some good Mexican CHOW?

    2. The best Mexican food you'll find within an hour of Toledo is in Mexican Town in Southwest Detroit.

      There are probably a dozen, or more, really great places there including these I've been to - Xochimilco, Mexican Village, Evie's Tamales, and El Zocalo.

      Other that have a great reputation that I haven't been to as yet include Los Galanes, Taqueria Lupita’s, Armando's Mexican Restaurant, etc. All in all it would be hard to find a bad Mexican restaurant in that neighborhood.

      1. the classic in toledo since the 1950s is loma lindas - everyone will steer you there and its fine but not great gringo-mex:

        1. Taco El Rey, a food truck open Spring, Summer and Fall (until Thanksgiving) at 2246 Navarre Ave. (Oregon, OH) in the parking lot of Rosebuds bar is open on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays only. Tacos are $1 and tortas $4. They are the best you can find in all of northwest Ohio. During soccer season, they are also at Schneider Soccer Fields on Sundays. If you go, let us know what you think.