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Apr 15, 2014 07:30 AM

Need potluck dish using Parmigiano-Reggiano

HI, I've got about 1/2 pound of Parm Reg that I need to use up (I hate to waste food) but it gives me a nasty headache. I've got a potluck thingy coming up Saturday night and would like to use it then.

Can you think of something that can be made in advance, can be transported, and doesn't require any last minute preparation or reheating?

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  1. Ah, the "cheese effect..." Sorry to hear you are sensitive to it!

    Two thoughts come to mind:
    1. make fresh pesto, toss with hot or cold pasta and your choice of vegetables
    2. spinach-artichoke dip

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    1. re: truman

      Also fantastic ideas! Can pasta with pesto be served cold or room temp?

      1. re: amoule

        pesto is fine at room temp. the flavors are muted if the dish is cold.

      2. re: truman

        +1 for pesto - keeps well, severs well at room temp, makes great use of the Parmigano and pretty versatile in how you use it -

      3. Stuff chunks of it into medjool dates, or...

        Wrap chunks in proscuitto and secure with a pick, or...

        Make a platter with chunks of the cheese, some rolled up proscuitto, and figs or any fruit of your choice. Drizzle the entire platter with a really good quality balsamic vinegar (reduce a cheap vinegar to a syrup if you don't have a good one on hand). Have picks on hand for people to serve themselves.

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          These are excellent ideas! I didn't think of anything like this myself. Thank you.

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            it's lovely shaved over a platter of roasted asparagus.

            roast the spears. toss with olive and lemon zest. arrange on a platter and finish with the cheese. perfect at room temp.

        2. I forget the technical name for these but if you just make little piles of grated cheese and bake them off, they become like little cheese crackers, really yummy app.

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          1. Lasagne alla Bolognese will use up a good bit, and makes a great potluck dish - if you bake it off last minute and wrap it in towels, it will be the perfect temperature for serving when you get where you're going.

            1. My first thought was a Tetrazzini – chicken, turkey, even just mushroom, and you can't have too much parmigiano in that. But pesto is brilliant and won't need to be served hot.