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Keens Steak House, NYC

Any reviews?

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  1. There have been many discussions about Keens on this board, a quick search turned up these threads you can read through.


    As for myself......it's certainly a good place, old boy's club type steakhouse. They are really known for their mutton or lamb but the steaks are excellent. Personally having been there a couple of times in my life, I have no desire to go back, I enjoy some of the newer places.......but if you have never been it is certainly worth a visit, then you can take it for yourself from there.

    1. You'll find lots of reviews/comments regarding Keens on this site. Personally I think the place is fantastic.

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        I agree. I'm female and love Keen's. They make everyone feel very comfortable. Great steaks and service.

      2. I eta there once a week for lunch - perfectly reliable, great food, solid service, don't know about the wine list because I don't drink at lunch but impressive bottles seem to be on those tables who do imbibe....really cant go wrong - the mutton chop is HUMUNGOUS

        1. There are indeed tons of reviews on this site, but I can jump in now to let you know that my experience this past Friday really exceeded my already high expectations. A group of three of us split the mutton chop (really, truly one of the best cuts of meat I've ever had), the porterhouse, tableside caesar salad, and the mushrooms/creamed spinach/and hash browns for sides. Unanimously, we loved each dish, which is to say nothing of the old world, classic ambiance.

          I 100% recommend this place.

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            It also has one of my favorite scotch lists in the city. :)

          2. Large pieces of excellent lamb and beef, cooked the way you like them

            Friendly service

            Historic room

            And a list of Scotches that is amazing (I am not a Scotch drinker, but it is some list).

            What's not to like?

            1. we finally went back to keens recently after sitting on a gift certificate for like two years - ha. we split a rare porterhouse. it was just fine and the service, if that is an issue for you, was excellent. we just walked in right when it opened, but i would highly recommended reserving. we werent going anywhere afterward so i took home a big doggy bag, including the flintstones-sized bone, that was all well appreciated later. after dinner, we even stayed and had a digestif in the pub side. it was just a lovely, nice night out to dinner. if you want your old school there is no reason not to go to keens and order steakhouse classics.

              1. Great place. And when we went a couple of years ago they had a deal for parking across the street for $10. Call for details.

                1. Search is your friend. I see some threads have been posted by another hound :)

                  We went once, too long ago to be helpful. I probably posted a report. Keens gets alot of love on this Board.

                  I do remember I liked the history, ambience (there is a pipe room, etc.) and service more than the food. To be fair, I was the only non-meat eater in the group. The other diners prefer Peter Luger's and Morton's.

                  If I was near Penn Station I'd go for cocktails, an app. and some history in a heartbeat.

                  1. After hearing friends rave about it, we went a few months ago. I am really not a fan. As I hate lamb of all kinds, the mutton is out for me. However, I love steak. There are tons of steakhouses in NYC, and there are a lot of things that go into enjoying a meal, and considering all of that, I would never go back to Keens over some others.

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                        For me: Fishy, watery lobster bisque; a porterhouse ordered medium (the birthday boy's dinner) came out black-and-blue; the returned porterhouse (ETA: specifically, the t-bone for one) was cooked to an even more charred crust on the outside and rare on the inside; the relish trays were removed 15 minutes before our entrees came out; a bland, tough chunk of filet ordered medium rare; and the waiter calling me "mommy" over and over again. I was the only female at our table of five, but still.