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Apr 14, 2014 10:17 PM

How can I get rid of the toaster oven on the countertop?

We are doing a remodel.
I am trying to declutter the countertops.
We use our toaster oven multiple times a day. We have young kids and we're always heating up leftover pizza, making cheese toast, heating chicken nuggets.
I don't want it on the countertop anymore but I can't find a 'built in toaster oven.' Surely I'm missing something!
I am thinking about an appliance garage, but really I'd prefer something built-in. Any ideas?
Also I am looking at the 36" dual fuel range from Wolf, feedback on that?

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  1. why not put it under the counter in a open cabinet with no doors.

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    1. re: Johnny L

      Yes. I've done this at my beach house. I hung cafe curtains in front.

      1. re: kaleokahu

        That might work but I'd like to go for a real clean, streamlined look

        1. re: ambo1972

          Nothing's more clean and streamlined than an empty kitchen.

    2. Why not have a custom under cabinet shelf designed with enough room for circulation around it.

      1. bookmarking. thank you for posting this!! this could not have come at a better time. i wanted to ask this myself. but i've hijacked the board recently and been holding off!
        I'm going with a microwave drawer and looking to ditch the toaster oven. we rarely use ours, and i think it functions not particularly well as an oven or a toaster. plus i'm getting a second oven, so do i REALLY need a toaster oven, too?

        they do have microwave/convection oven drawers that I think I've seen.

        and i've been looking at appliance garages, too. we are 2/3 into a remodel.

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        1. re: eLizard

          Hi, eLizard: ".. it functions not particularly well as an oven or a toaster..."

          Yes, IMO this is the nature of the beast--a semi-sorry compromise. I have a combo MW/convection/broiler at the beach house, too, which works fine as a MW, but is the height of mediocrity at playing the oven and broiler.

          In my case, the compromise has been necessitated by having never put in ANY full-size conventional oven. I actually like my open island shelves, so I've put up with it. I use a large outdoor Texas Pit for an oven when I need something that will accommodate more than my combi or toaster oven.

          The next evolution will be a Breville 800 smart oven and a "dorm" sized MW, both under the counter/island.

          " i REALLY need a toaster oven, too?"

          With two ovens? Not really, but you still probably need something like a toaster. But you might alternatively ask yourself if you need a second oven if you have a larger toaster-oven like the big Breville. It will handle a 13" pizza, two shallow 9x13s (1 tall), a roast chicken, etc. At $249 vs. 5-10x that for a real oven is a powerful argument for dispensing with oven #2.

          Unfortunately, unless you choose All-of-the-Above, there are compromises. The key is to minimize them based on your cooking style and $/space constraints.


          You might ask yourself

          1. re: kaleokahu

            thank you for such a thoughtful response to my post. the oven ship has sailed. i have the cabinet for it installed and the oven is sitting in my dining room. and i think those times that i want to make 2 turkeys or i want to get all the cookies baked for the cookie swap at the same time, or cook the roast in one and all the sides at the same time is when i'll be glad that i did buy a second oven.

            reheating pizza takes place entirely on a skillet. i even heat egg rolls and chicken fingers and the like on it, too. we have slice pop up toaster for toast. the hubs likes the toaster oven. so we will probably keep it. he gets as much say as i do. and i really got what i wanted on all the other appliances.

            1. re: eLizard

              No problem, eLizard. What do you use for toasting bread? If DH doesn't use the toaster-oven for anything except toast, consider junking it in lieu of a dedicated toaster. A good vintage Sunbeam T-20 can be had for not much money, and the Dualits are a good second choice.


              1. re: kaleokahu

                yeah, that's what we use for toast. a slice pop up toaster. sunbeam or the like.

                1. re: eLizard

                  Pop up toaster here too. I don't want it on the counter, so keep it in one of the upper cabinets - just take it out as needed.

          2. re: eLizard

            I think it depends on what product you buy and how you use it. I used to have a Delonghi for years and we only used it for reheating things and toast and it worked ok. When it died I bought a Breville Smart Oven the full sized one. It's so wonderful I actually bake pies and breads in it along with using it for toast. With the footed cutting board on top I also have a place to set the items I take out of it to cool so there is no need for open counter space next to it. Putting it into a cabinet or appliance garage wouldn't be an improvement and certainly won't save any space.

            It heats up a lot faster than my full sized oven, has convection and cooks evenly and uses less power. Even with two full sizes I'd keep it.

            1. re: rasputina

              We just bought the Breville smart oven after my microwave buttons stopped working. Love it, and can't wait to have it for summer. Only thing I don't love is I can't have any other appliances running on that electrical circuit if it's going cause thanks to my older home, we blow a breaker.

              I might have to get the cutting board for the top; it does take up counter space. . . especially as the microwave came back to life as soon as I opened the Breville box.

              1. re: autumm

                Hi, autumn:

                Did yours come with the pizza stone?


                1. re: kaleokahu

                  No, mine did not. Just the broiler pan, a round pizza sheet, and a 9x9 or so pan.

                  I bought it at Williams Sonoma. Same price as amazon and didn't have to wait for it to ship.

                  1. re: autumm

                    Hi, autumn:

                    I did see last week that W-S has the 800 at the matching lowest retail price I've found ($249). It never seems to go any lower, but I'm waiting for someone to include the stone or the wooden top before I bite.


            2. re: eLizard

              I have the opposite issue. I need our toaster oven, we use it every day!! I just hate the way it looks sitting on the countertop and taking up space, so I'm trying to find a more sleek/built in looking model
              I think I will do appliance garage though since that seems to be the only solution

            3. Hide it behind an appliance garage - looks like a bread keeper, at least one I saw on HGTV did.

              The simplest thing is to clean it and put it away after use or when company's coming.

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              1. re: Rigmaster

                I think that I'll do the appliance garage.
                I just know I won't ever put it away :)

              2. I don't have the Wolf range, but I would love one someday. . .

                As for the toaster oven, could you get a custom cabinet for it built? Probably be pricey, but it would meet your requirements. I've only had my Breville smart oven for a couple of weeks, but it will have a place in my remodeled kitchen someday

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                1. re: autumm

                  I agree I think I will get a custom cabinet built for it, or an appliance garage!
                  I'm excited to look at the Breville smart oven, everybody seems to love it! thanks for the feedback

                  1. re: ambo1972

                    Be careful of putting a toaster oven inside of a cabinet or other enclosure and using it that way.

                    It's not a microwave. TO's use resistance heating elements and can put off a LOT of heat thus making it a very real and likely fire hazard due to it's nature if not allowed space around it. Heck, most can leave a nasty skin burn just buy touching the exterior housing if oven has benn turned on for some time was was used as a broiler.

                    And BTW, I own two toaster ovens.

                    Only way I would build one in is to build a sliding shelf with dwr slide ends rated for the TO's weight and then open the cabinet doors and pull/slide out shelf and oven and turn on.
                    Stow away once cool.

                    No way I would even think to use one inside a wood or fiberboard based cabinet. Especially if enclosed on 5 sides. Heat rise and even on the counter, cabinets and/or items above it can get pretty damn hot.

                    Do what you want but 20 years of practicing architecture and design as well as many a burned/melted plastic item and singed paper cup when my own family members unknowingly left them on top of the TO when using it means I am very respectful of it's heat and good and bad potentials.

                    They are awesome as using far less engery and heat for samll item cooking, but lack insultaion and directed venting like the big stoves.

                    1. re: jjjrfoodie

                      thx! I appreciate your feedback! I will definitely keep that in mind. I am thinking I will do the sliding shelf, and only operate the TO when it is open. Then keep it open til it cools. I really appreciate the input

                      1. re: jjjrfoodie

                        To add, the caution about heat radiating from the toaster oven is correct. Especially if it is to be used frequently.

                        I had first thought of buying a small commercial restaurant type gas broiler, but the properties in Brasil are primarily 230v electrical serviced, with wind generating electrical tower " farm " behind us on a hill.

                        The Dell Anno cabinets and shelving were bespoke, or custom designed, installed about a decade ago. The open shelf I used in Brasil was actually made for a very large microwave oven. The toaster oven takes only 30 % of that with quite a bit of open space above and to the sides, and thus it is well ventilated.

                        Had we used a gas broiler, there would have been nothing above it, or to the sides, just as one would find in a restaurant kitchen. Being at the beach, the built-in microwave has been replaced once, along with a refrigerator ( some of the small appliance circuitry doesn't like salt corrosion in the air).