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Apr 14, 2014 09:36 PM

Help with reheating rice - no microwave

We're considering ditching our microwave and although we're almost there, we've still got a few cooking conundrums left. A big one is how to reheat rice.

Fried is fine, but what other ways are there to reheat it?

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  1. Back in the olden days - almost prehistory - before we had a microwave, here's what we used to do: Put the rice into a small, steep-sided pan, with a splash of water. Cover and heat gently until the water is (almost) boiling. Remove from heat and let sit for 5 or 10 minutes until the rice is heated through.

    Or toss your leftover rice and make fresh rice. Frankly, that's what we usually did.

    1. Steaming is best if you have a lot left over, otherwise combine it in something else (like vegetables) or toss it.

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      1. re: mcsheridan

        Steaming was my first thought, but how does one keep the rice from falling through the holes?

        1. re: DuffyH

          Use a mesh colander/strainer over the pot, not the usual one with big holes.

          1. re: mcsheridan

            You could also line the larger-holed steamer with a coffee filter.

          2. re: DuffyH

            You don't need to steam it in a perforated steamer. Just put the bowl of rice in the pot of water. Raise the bowl up out of the water by setting it on top of an overturned bowl on the bottom of the pot.

        2. I steam it over water. Works great.

            1. re: monavano

              I've got a double boiler, so that's a thought. Add a couple teaspoons of water to the rice, yes?

              EDIT - I just realized I might not need a double boiler because the induction range can go so low. but it would provide an extra buffer between the rice and the hot pan.

              1. re: DuffyH

                The induction range might be the ticket, although, it can heat water really fast, right?

                1. re: monavano

                  Sure. It can heat the water lickety-split. Which would cut steaming time.

                  And with my thick disk bottom pans, it's probably worth trying without a double boiler. As I said, I can do low really well. Especially on my smallest hob.

                  All this thinking is hurting my brain, but I really want to swap out my OTR microwave for a proper hood. :-)

            2. We have a great breville counter oven that has a million settings, so toaster oven?

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              1. re: carrytheone

                I've got the big Smartoven, too, but couldn't figure out how to do it in a time-efficient manner. A stoneware baker with aluminum foil to cover could work, but I think it would take forever. And by "forever" I mean about 30 minutes, including time to heat the oven.

                Any other thoughts on the Breville? I'm wide open here, as I've always nuked or fried my leftover rice.

                1. re: DuffyH

                  My reheat option will have a couple portions of rice ready to go in minutes just on the pan. Its like frying without the oil, though you can add some or nonstick spray.

                  I don't mind my rice a little dry or sticky which is quite opposite I suppose

                  1. re: carrytheone

                    <My reheat option will have a couple portions of rice ready to go in minutes just on the pan.>

                    Oh! so you'd reheat it in the pan that comes with the oven? Dude would kill me. Dry rice is a common microwave problem as it is. Maybe if I added some water it could work. Anyway, it's nice to have options, thanks.

                    1. re: DuffyH

                      Maybe try reheating with a spray a water and then put a bamboo leaf of corn husk over. Dried rice can imitate the taste of fried rice for me sometimes.