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Apr 14, 2014 08:00 PM

First time smoking and making a brisket

So I figured with this summer, I would give a shot at smoking. I have a Weber Spirit E-210 which is a two burner gas grill. I was give a small smoke box and I picked up some hickory chips and a 1lb brisket since I don't want to start big and ruin it.

I've been looking throughout various sites on how to smoke a brisket but I wanted to hear what other people have to say.

I got a dry rub I made up but of course I'm up to listen to all the advice and information.

My biggest questions are whats a good temperature and how long?

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  1. The 1# brisket will be incredibly easy to ruin. Be prepared for it to be dry and not so tender. You have super difficult piece of meat to cook there.

    A full packer brisket is much easier to cook than those little mini-flats.

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        What is a full packer brisket?

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          A full brisket with both flat and point cuts, usually sold in a plastic cryovac bag. About 11-13 pounds, with lots of fat. Might be too big to smoke all at once in a small smoker. But really inexpensive -- sometimes can be found for barely over $2 per pound.

          Season very liberally with the rub. Place fat side up in the smoker so fat will gradually render and baste. 225-250 degrees for maybe 10-12 hours -- internal temp of meat should get to 200 to melt connective tissue and tenderize. Smoke does not have to be applied the whole time.

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          True Dat, Jay...The brisket is tricky to get right, so point and flat is a must. Geeze 1lb brisket is damn small, just watch your temps, and maybe finish in a low oven

        3. 225-300 and cook to an internal of 195-225 or until you can poke it with a wooden skewer and get little resistance. When it goes in like butter it's done

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            Please DO NOT cook to an internal temperature of 225! A 1# brisket taken to 225 will end up as beef jerky.

          2. I wouldn't even attempt to smoke something that small. Braise it and enjoy it as a pot roast.

            I pick up 5-8 pound "Texas-style briskets" in the local grocery store and they are great in a smoker. They'd probably also be great on a very very low grill for a long period of time.

            Low and slow is the key to a nice smoked brisket.

            1. JayL is dead on. Be prepared to be disappointed. Your brisket is so small that the window of perfection will be very short. Don't cook it long enough and it'll be tough. Cook it too long and it'll be dry and chewy. But the 'Baby Bear' time (you know, 'just right') may be only 30 minutes or less with a 1 lb chunk of flesh.

              The larger the piece of meat, the more forgiving it tends to be, because it takes longer to come up to temperature and stays in the Baby Bear zone for longer, simply because of its thermal mass.

              I would recommend cooking it at no more than 250F so it comes to temp as slowly as possible (225F would be even better). I would pull it off at 210F internal. I have never done a piece of meat that small, so it's hard to guess how long it would take...2 hours? 3 hours? If you have a remote thermometer, use it.

              1. Brisket master Aaron Franklin has some good tips here:


                Also, watch his YouTube videos on barbecuing brisket. I learned a lot from it and review it every time I plan to do one.