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Apr 14, 2014 07:35 PM

Solana Beach/Del Mar Eats

Hi All,

I am looking for some "local" great eats while I am in Solana Beach Sat-Mon. Is Hillcrest Farmers market too far and not worth it?

Any great Pizza/Burgers/Italian for snacking, lunch and dinner.

Good casual yet delish Brunch/Bkfst on the weekend?

My first visit to this area any help on cool new spots or dives are welcome! I enjoy "hidden" gems : )

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  1. The Hillcrest Farmer's Market is worth it, but get there early. Parking, later in the day, is a nightmare. You're looking at a good 40-mile roundtrip from Solana Beach to Hillcrest. There are farmers markets closer to where you're staying. Check here:

    For casual brunch, I recommend Claire's on Cedros.

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      I'll add that the Hillcrest market gets going around 8:30, but doesn't seem to be in full swing until later in the morning. At least when I've been. Hillcrest folks tend to sleep in late (it seems).

      Personally, I like the market in Little Italy better. Not sure of the hours, but similar to Hillcrest, I think. Best to park at Eldertown and trolley.

    2. I am going to suggest you try one of the north county farmers markets if you are after produce and a selection of prepared foods. Vista is probably the biggest, but Solana Beach, Del Mar and Leucadia all have decent one albeit smaller. If it is shopping you want, then probably Hillcrest is for you. Just a bit of a drive from Solana Beach. Howver you can get your shopping jonze out on Cedros and 101 in Encinitas. the Breeze in Del Mar is popular for breakfast along with Claire's. I like the brunch at the 3rd Corner in Encinitas, but with it being Easter this Sunday, not sure how the brunch scence will be. No real dives left in Del Mar or Solana Beach, the real estate has gtten too pricey, I guess Fidel's or Tony's over in Eden Gardens are the only ones left. A couple of new places have opened up in the area, Sea and Smoke and Cucina Enoteca in the Flower Hill Mall, both are very popular.

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        I realy appreciate the suggestions! any really good pizza in the area? I am looking for brick oven pizza. Being I live in Phoenix we have Pizzeria Bianco here and was wondering if there was anything like that?

        1. re: drewb123

          Blue Ribbon Pizzeria in Encinitas is very good

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              Blue Ribbon is probably the best. Pizza Port is a thick crust, sometimes inconsistent, better for beer. Urban Pi is new style, getting better. Bongiorno's is old school New York, take out only. Del Mar Pizza is family style.

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                Blue ribbon, Blue Ribbon, Blue ribbon !! Not claiming to be Neapolitan like pizza but it is fantastic. "staff favorite" is one of our favorites.
                I would suggest the Leucadia farmers' market!!
                And we love Beach Grass Cafe