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Apr 14, 2014 07:18 PM

are bucato, factory kitchen, tasting kitchen and osteria mozza doing the most interesting pasta dishes? and how would you rank/compare them?

Curious as to how ppl would rank/compare these 4 places. And if there are other innovative pasta places that fit along side these?

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  1. You should probably have Bestia on that list.

    While I am not a fan, there are many that are, and the place does do some interesting stuff with pasta. The problem is that it doesn't always hit its notes, and when it misses it makes you wish you were deaf.

    1. Can't imagine Angelini is still not close to the top of any pasta list.

      1. I like different pasta dishes at all of the above mentioned resties. And each restaurant's best pasta is different and unique for its own reason. Hard to rank.

        We like most, if not all, the pastas at Bucato and it's unique because all their pasta is hand cut. Yes, there's not even a hand cranked machine. Just rolling pins and knives as depicted in their decor.

        While the pastas at Factory Kitchen are mostly unmemorable for us, the mandilli rocks our world.

        Last week at Tasting Kitchen we had an outstanding pappardelle with lobster and smoked trout roe and a mind blowing picci with lemon and basil, but the spaghetti with calabrian chiles and bottarga was unbalanced.

        Osteria Mozza has compendium of pastas we love and pastas we never want to meet again. Faves include (when they have them) the calves brain ravioli, the egg raviolo, and the squid ink chitarra.

        As for pasta at Angelini, whatever Gino serves us for Friday lunch is what we eat and love.

        1. gusto - their pastas are on par with the best in the city imo

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            The place looks so good... why do they have zero press? Too cheap to hire a PR person or something?

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              Evidently they think that good food news will travel by word of mouth...

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                Doesn't seem to be working out too well?