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Apr 14, 2014 07:01 PM

salsa fresca-mamaroneck

Had lunch there the other day.Sort of a chipotle-like clone,only much better.I have also been to the one in mt.kisco/bedford. A bit pricey,as are all these organic/hormone free restaurants.Definitely preferred it to Herruda (which i don't care for). Just saw s/f is on groupon -yay. Not willing to give up teca's tacos by city park though- best deal and best prices-

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  1. I don't think this place holds a candle to Chipotle, at least yet. I went last week and they were disorganized and slow. I also didn't get the impression the meats were as freshly cooked because the chicken was dry. One of the benefits of Chipotle being so popular is that the meats are being grilled almost constantly during peak meal times. Not ruling them out entirely but to me it's a reach to say it's much better than Chipotle at this point.

    Curious to hear what others think, maybe my experience was unusual.

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    1. re: pdubc

      I agree...a very weak Chipolte clone...

      1. re: cstumiller

        Is it better than Pancheros? Went to the White Plains one when it opened, now THAT was a weak Chipotle clone. And I'm not even wild about Chipotle.

    2. Went there last week with the 50% Groupon. I consider this a decent Chiptle clone; same price points although the flavors weren't as fresh. Given that there's no Chipotle nearby, this place should do fine. Just glad to see something other than Asian fusion open up on Mamk ave!

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        how can you not want 22 different asian fusion places to choose from?