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Oct 24, 2003 10:08 PM

getting engaged on new year's, need a restaurant??

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i'm bringing my soon to be fiance to montreal for 3 days and on new year's eve i am proposing. i want the night to be perfect. i am looking for the 3-5 course meal that is amazing!!!! i know the toque is closed and i got a list of restaurants by looking at other people's messages. i just want to know the best, 3-5 course meal with a ROMANTIC environment? thanks.

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  1. Give Les Caprices on Drummond a try. Your hotel concierge should be able to offer you a list of what is close and open, but if Les Caprices is open it would be a very good bet. Email directly if you need help with a hotel choice.

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      I got engaged a year ago, and the restaurant my husband chose was PERFECT, Da Emma, in Old Montreal. VVV romantic setting, although I just found out that the building used to be a women's prison. Even better for irony fans. Best wishes, wherever you end up. Montreal is such a romantic city!

    2. 11 years ago, my husband proposed in a really beautiful and romatic french restaurant. It's called Lutetia and is inside Hotel de la Montagne. Ask for one of the special extra-romatic tables, they have a hand painted coppola (not unlike the sistine chapell in Rome!!!)...and the food is not bad at all..