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Apr 14, 2014 06:51 PM

4 nights in Barcelona

Spending 4 nights in Barcelona. Looking for non-touristy/hidden gems/great introductions to Tapas. Middle of the road on pricing. Hoping to try places in various neighborhoods.


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  1. First, I've flagged your post to get it moved to the Spain/Portugal board.

    I see you're new to CH. Welcome! Here's a link with a lot of replies:

    If you go to the Spain board and type Barcelona in the little block titled "This Board," you'll get every post where Barcelona is mentioned. After looking those over, besides being hungry :), you may be able to narrow down your choices. "Non-touristy/hidden gems" isn't necessarily a qualifier in my opinion. You'll have great food. Enjoy!

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      Excellent link c oliver! Tons of great info and recommendations. Much appreciated.
      I'm going to Barcelona for 11 days in September!