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Apr 14, 2014 06:15 PM

Hot Cross Buns in Brooklyn?

Anyone know where to find hot cross buns in Brooklyn? Many thanks!

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  1. Villabate in Bensonhurst would be my best guess. Give them a call.

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    1. re: Sluggo1407

      I really like everything at Villabate. A really great place!

    2. Try Leske's in Bay Ridge. The Leske's Park Slope has closed down. Call first because they run out of things early.

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      1. re: psnative

        too bad they shut down but that location was doomed from the start in that terrible location with no real foot traffic. It was nice to be able to buy our christmas pecan ring without suffering through a line though.

      2. I heard that Caputo's on Court St has them

        1. The chip shop on 5th avenue has a sign that they have them.

          1. One of the vendors at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket sells them. The huge bread and muffin vendor...