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Apr 14, 2014 05:12 PM

What to serve during a 'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipse. .

Thinking of Blood Orange Marg's and brownies. .

Got any ideas for me?

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  1. I personally enjoy a serving of apocalypse! JK, blood orange margaritas seem very appropriate. Or red beer! I like the Mexican version, it has lime in it as well as tomato juice (or clamato).

    1. Espresso--how else are you supposed to stay up for it? :) Spike it with Grand Marnier to get your orange/blood component in there.

      1. Mozzarella moons with Agnolotti in a tomato sauce.
        Baked white pumpkin filled with ... a red soup?

        And a "trendy" one -- red velvet cake pops in white chocolate glaze.

        1. Stir fried pork's blood with sliced ginger and scallions.

          1. I find that good cheese and crackers complements most celestial phenomena.