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Apr 14, 2014 04:28 PM

Help with Beaune restaurants

Bonjour Chowhounders. My husband and I will be in the area for 2 night only. The first night we will likely be tired from traveling, so I was thinking about eating at one of the restaurants at Hostellerie de Levernois as this is where we are staying. I have not found much on these restaurants and do not want to waste a meal if it is not good as we only have 2 nights.

The other night, I thought about booking either Ma Cuicine or P'tit Paradis. I am leaning toward P'tit Paradis as I love a modern twist, however, the owner of the wine shop I frequent suggested Ma Cuicine especially for the wine list. How to decide? Or, should I skip Hostellerie de Levernois and go to Ma Ciucine and P'tit Paradis?

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  1. I've not personally eaten at either of your hotel's choices since I've just not had reason to pop over to the east side of Beaune...but from what I understand both the restaurant & bistro are good. I tend to be like you, not wanting to stray far from the room/bed on the first night.

    As for your choice on the 2nd night, you can't go wrong with either place! Enjoy!

    1. "Ma Ciucine and P'tit Paradis?"
      I llke both.
      I like the food of the latter better.
      Ma Cuisine has a wine list that makes one go "whoa !".
      Not that the wine list of Ptit Paradis is shabby, it is not.
      Another thing about Ptit Paradis: The clientele is mainly French, in fact all were French except us when we were there.
      At Ma Cuisine, the clientele is now mostly non-French.
      For some people this is a deal-breaker. It never bothers me.

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        I agree. I don't mind having mainly tourists or all French as long as food & wine is good.

        I wish someone would response regarding their experience at Hostellerie de Levernois. I've looked at some positive reviews on other sites, but they are not Chowhound!

        1. re: topeater

          Ms. L and I had a memorable, long, lazy lunch there one Sunday a couple of years back. Not inexpensive but we felt the service, ambience and cuisine commensurate with the cost. The setting is lovely, the cheese cart a model of Burgundian cheeses and the desserts photo-worthy.

          1. re: Laidback

            Hi Laidback,

            Did you have lunch in the restaurant or the bistro?