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Mastro's, CUT, or STK? Looking for best steak in LA

I'm graduating next month and looking for somewhere special to celebrate over dinner with my family. I'd like to go to a steakhouse. The most important thing is the quality and taste of the food. I would also like somewhere with a good atmosphere. Price does not matter and I'll go anywhere in the general LA area. From what I've read, I'm leaning towards Mastro's or CUT, but I haven't heard much about STK. Any opinions on STK compared to the others? A lot of the threads for this topic are a couple years old, not sure if opinions have changed. I don't want to go to Morton's or Ruth's Chris, I've been to those many times. So - recommendations for the best steak in LA? Thank you in advance!

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  1. 1) Stinkin' Rose
    2) Mastro's
    3) bistecca from Angelini or Chi Spacca

    STK is never in the conversation unless you wanna go celeb spotting.

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      the first half of the thread is LOL, the second half is good info.

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        Lets not confuse the poor guy. Stinking Rose is a joke.

        I like Mastro's and Angelini and am trying Chi Spacca for the first time this week. Also, had a very good steak recently at Wolfgang's. Dont care for the vibe at CUT, too cold and sterile IMO.

    2. The Dabney Coleman at Dan Tana's is #1
      Cut, Mastro's are #1.5

      1. For the best steak -Dan Tana's. Has great atmosphere too. Lotsa character and characters.

        Chi Spacca is an interesting choice too.

        1. Mastro's and STK are seriously overrated. A randomly great streak is the T-Bone at Divino in Brentwood. Not on the menu but they almost always have it and it is divine. Having a brick oven or some other cooking apparatus that allows for insanely high temperatures to sear in the flavor and juices is an absolute must...

            1. Lawrys ain't steak but a better place to celebrate where you are the king. Prime rib tasty and good for group.

              1. As much of a Chi Spacca lover as I am, not sure that's the atmosphere you're looking for or Angelini for that matter. It may be too cramped, laid back, and casual for your special day. Also, not for your grad dinner, but the Bistecca Fiorentina at Bucato is excellent and a screamin' value compared to Chi Spacca.

                That being said, both the Dan Tana's and CUT recommendations are solid. Dan Tana's if you want old school, CUT if you want a more modern feel.


                1. Personally, my favorite steak in LA is the tomahawk rib chop at Mastro's in that I've had it several times and it is always absolutely outstanding. CUT is great food, but I don't think it is better than Mastro's (at least not the rib chop) and I find it pretentious. I've never been to Chi Spacca but I have heard their bistecca is incredible from several people.

                  1. OP wants a "steakhouse." Angelini and Chi Spacca are not. OP wants "quality and taste of food" Dan Tana's allegedly makes a great steak, but the one I had there was entirely underwhelming, perhaps because I was sitting in the bar half of the room with a fat drunk guy's ass in my face. Pretty much the opposite of "good atmosphere." Money is no object. STK is right out. So OP has correctly narrowed to Mastro's and CUT. And yes, CUT is antiseptic. Correct answer is Mastro's.

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                      kevin, thor, are you fucking up the atmosphere for jess?

                      maybe linnear really would prefer drunk cougars ready to pounce for atmosphere instead?

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                        hilarious. every time, and i mean every time we're there for a business dinner, it is flushed with "escorts".

                        for a chain, mastro's not at all horrible, but couldn't count it as the "best" based upon quality of the meat. they do baste with a ton of butter, though!

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                          Yes. Cougars was charitable. Tube steak is an off menu item apparently there and at top hotel bars in 90210.

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                            Wonder how they get away with it? Hello BHPD
                            I mean Maestro's

                        2. Is Pasadena too far? I have had many great steaks at Arroyo Chop House. Like, really great. Also the best french fries ever!!

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                            Another nod to ACH. Consistently the best steaks I've had in town (note: I have not been to Cut yet).

                            I was horribly disappointed with the quality of beef at Mastro's BH. I had a 22-oz bone in rib eye and my dining companion ordered the 24oz porterhouse. Both cuts severely lacked flavor. I recall the plates came out sizzling and the meat looked gorgeous, but the taste - ugh! What a let down. It IS good people watching, though!

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                              That is really surprising re: Mastro's, never heard anyone complain about the quality there before and I've loved it each time. Of course, I usually go to the one in Thousand Oaks.

                          2. The meat and the prep at Cut is the best in the city. It is way, way overpriced. But, as a grad celebration, if price is not an issue, there is no equal in Los Angeles.

                            1. I prefer Mastro's Ocean Club in Newport Beach over the Beverly Hills location.

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                              1. CUT only if you go with the Japanese Wagyu. Otherwise, Mastro's and JAR are in the mix.

                                1. If you really want the best steak, then get the Japanese Kobe/Wagyu at one of the places that actually carry the REAL Japanese Wagyu/Kobe. Call ahead and confirm that they have it available the night you are going and confirm it is REAL Japanese Wagyu/Kobe and the try to get the A5 grade (highest grade). This is an expensive steak. About 8oz will run you close to $200 for the steak, but it is definitely worth it. Have had it many times both here and in Japan. I know for sure that Cut has this steak and does it well. I have also had it at Boa several times. This ingredient is so good, that it almost doesn't matter where you go for it. It really is that good.

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                                    Welcome back, woo! Good to have you back!

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                                      Thanks! Been a while. Things look a lot different!

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                                      Wagyu just doesn't work as a "steak cut".

                                      Too fatty.

                                      I want some toothsome bite to my meat when I order steak.

                                      Wagyu beef is so marbled taking a big thick piece of it and chewing it is a bit like gurgling with lard.

                                      True A5 grade Wagyu should be reserved for shabu-shabu. Sliced thin, quickly dip-seared in broth and then immediately eaten.

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                                        I agree or on those big tepannaki griddles about domino size.

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                                            Agree with all of the above, and in conjunction with being underwhelmed (to put it mildly) in my several meals at Cut, I'd recommend Mastros.

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                                              just had 22oz bone in rib eye there last night...pretty great. super juicy and flavorful. i'll take corn fed over grass fed any day. Service on point. Cougars pouncing. Kings winning.

                                              they had some waygu stuff but just not the right format for that.

                                              disappointingly, the new corporate ownership seems to have done away with the massive drink shakers that used to accompany my cocktails...$15 ok for "three" drinks, but not one!

                                        1. I highly recommend Chi Spacca. It was almost as good as the steak that I had when I was in Panzano Italy at Dario Checcini's restaurant......

                                          I live right near STK and it is more about the scene there than the food.

                                          Chi Spacca has an intimate atmosphere with fantastic service and a fantastic Italian wine selection.

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                                            I was at Chi Spacca last night and the steak looked spectacular. Our server said it was fantastic, but we opted for the tomahawk pork chop. Loved it but already planing to go back for the steak.

                                          2. I hope you're going to pick out the leading contenders and then come back with your own judgement.

                                            FWIW, here's my list..

                                            Dan Tana's
                                            Chi Spacca
                                            Angelino Osteria
                                            Nic and Stef's

                                            1. REDMEAT is always a good vote for Dish of the Month as is STEAKANDEGGS. Just sayin'...

                                              1. Probably not what the OP is looking for, but anyone tried the exclusively steak frites place yet? I believe WeHo...

                                                1. Prefer Wolfgang's Steak and service to Mastros. In Brentwood, nothing beats Toscana's seared and then finished in the wood burning oven.

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                                                  1. re: maudies5

                                                    Would agree. And the private room at Wolfgang's is quite nice.

                                                  2. hi linnear, here is an idea ...
                                                    Step 1: get your friends and family to take you to BOTH places.
                                                    Step 2: come back to this thread and post your head-to-head comparison!

                                                    Happy graduation!!

                                                    1. CUT: overrated in my opinion. Decent but not the best actually...Spago's tenderloin and wagyu might have been better. The A5 wagyu at Providence is certainly better
                                                      Mastros: I've been here at least 50 times. Love it. Love the ribeye and tomahawk chop.
                                                      Chi spacca: the bisteca is something you need to try before you die. Along with that beef and bone marrow pie
                                                      BOA: It's ok...
                                                      Bourbon Steak: Sucks
                                                      JAR: Sucks
                                                      This is all just in my opinion and where I've been

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                                                        Agree on Cutd (overrated), Mastros (always very good), Chi Spacca (though I have not had the steak yet I have seen it prepared and the place is fantastic). Also agree that BOA is just ok - although I just had a large dinner there (not my pick just my pay) that was good. Also, really like the steak at Dan Tana's and Wolfgang's.

                                                        1. I see recs to Mastro's Ocean Club in Newport Beach, but they have
                                                          a brand new one in Malibu, which I recommend. Mastro's and Cut are
                                                          too equal not to go for your steak in a GREAT attmosphere, on the ocean and looking at it close up!
                                                          This one in Malibu is just outside Santa Monica, not all the way down PCH.