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Apr 14, 2014 02:11 PM

What Would You Miss if You Moved?

I just had a a conversation with a buddy of mine that I thought would be a fun one to bring up on this board.

He moved back to Chicago 10 years ago and we were recently talking about things he missed about Florida. One big thing he missed was Publix subs. Shockingly, I know several people who've moved to different areas across the country who've said that. They make decent enough subs, but I don't think that's what I'd miss.

Either way it got me thinking about what I'd miss if I moved back to NY. Even though I've been in Florida for a very long time.

Many times on this board we see lots of posts about what people miss from back home. Though what would you miss if you had to move back to NY, Boston, Chicago, the Midwest, California, or wherever you're from.

Is there a dish you get down here that's hard to find back home? Perhaps there's something you think South Florida does better? Or perhaps there's a restaurant you've grown to love in South Florida?

Here are a few I'd miss in no particular order:

1) A great fresh blackened wahoo or mahi sandwich.

2) Some flaky delicious cuban bread, cuban sandwiches, and cuban food in general.

3) Chik Fil A. It's not that Chik Fil A is a great thing about South Florida. They just don't exist in NY. I'd may throw Pollo Tropical in that group too, but definitely a distant second.

4) Bru's Room bleu cheese. Their wings are really good and I've certainly found great wings in other spots. However their homemade bleu cheese really makes it.

5) I go to Orlando at least 6 times a year because of my company and I always hit up 4 Rivers and Cafe Tu Tu Tango every time I go.

6) Cigar City Florida Cracker

7) Blue Bell ice cream

I'm sure there are several other South Florida restaurants I'm certainly missing. Though it's hard to think about the specific ones I'll really miss unless I'm gone.

Let me know your thoughts. I'll add as well when I think of more.

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  1. I've never understood the Publix sub thing either. They're good when they're good. The bread is inconsistent though and sometimes you can get hard bread that cuts the roof of your mouth. When I was pregnant last year and not allowed to eat lunch meats I seriously missed La Spada's.

    I would definitely miss Versailles in Miami and Noodle House in Lauderdale Lakes.

    1. Great idea for a new thread.

      I'm from NY (shocking!) so it definitely wouldn't be pizza, burgers, bagels, buttered rolls, coffee regular, most ethnic food, hot dogs, steamers, clam chowder, or pizza.

      I'd say for me it would have to be the "Floribean" type foods, especially seafood.

      Conch, yellowtail snapper, jerk, mango... those are some of the tastes I'd never had when I came down from Long Island in 1990.

      And that's why I still often go on and on about casual, chef-operated joints like Calypso in Pompano and Coolinary in Jupiter.

      If I went back to Long Island - even to my fishing village hometown of Freeport - I wouldn't be able to find anything quite like what they serve up.

      (Sure, maybe now in the city or Brooklyn there might be some spots doing something along those lines, but it wouldn't be the same).

      1. I like little neighborhood places like Woody's West End Tavern and JRs Gourmet Burger....both of which are in Miami Springs.....Would miss little joints like "Hole In The Wall" which serves incredible blackened dolphins / mahi sandwiches......Café Malanga is incredible and has the best Cuban pork sandwich on planet earth.....Joe's would be I like to hit that place once or twice per year....There are some places to miss if you venture away from South Florida......

        But if I moved to say....Chicago....I'd be hitting Portillos all the time....and Philly has a ton of places to hit....and then...and then....

        Ft. Pierce, FL....via Homestead

        1. food wise not much to miss besides Peruvian! and fresh conch!

          Where do you get blackened fresh Wahoo or Mahi in Southern Broward or Northern Dade. Preferably on the Ease side?

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          1. re: Bigstu99

            >blackened fresh Wahoo or Mahi in Southern Broward

            Well it is not exactly Southern Broward... but... definitely Broward and def East Side...

            Calypso Restaurant in Pompano.

            I can guarantee you their fish is fresh and if you get on their FB you can see when they have which particular species available.

            And you can have it prepared in any number of ways including blackened.

            Recent updates of fresh fish arriving included: Dolphin, Grouper, Yellow Fin Tuna... Local Triple Tail today... Dolphin, Cobia, Wahoo, Yellow Fin Tuna... Swordfish and Wahoo today.

            1. re: CFByrne

              Been meaning to stop in there... biggest problem they are closed weekends. I hear from friends that they do a great conch too!

              1. re: Bigstu99

                No conch is harvested in FL. It's either from the Bahamas or the conch farm in Turks &Caicos.
                I would miss the fresh grouper sandwiches, stone crab, and pompano.

          2. Stone crabs y un Cortadito. (not together...)