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Apr 14, 2014 02:05 PM

Recommendation for a pre-vow renewal lunch in Napa?

Hi Hounds...

You all have given me such great guidance on our past trips to SF that I had to come by and see if I could get more help.

My husband and I are heading out to SF and Napa for our 10th anniversary later this month and will be renewing our wedding vows at a winery while we're there. It's not a big, fancy to do by any stretch of the imagination--just my husband, myself and our officiant. That's it. No family, no friends, so we don't exactly have a big meal planned before or after.

Our little "ceremony" is at 3, so I was trying to find a place we could go for a nice lunch beforehand. We'll be slightly dressed up (I'm not wearing a wedding gown or anything like that, but I will be in a dress and my husband will likely be in a jacket at least, though I know he can shed that for lunch), and I'd like to try and find somewhere special.

I was debating between Redd and Auberge Du Soleil and right now, both have availability around noon the day we'll be renewing our vows. Any suggestions on one or the other? Or somewhere else?

I know Bottega is an option, but we're having dinner there the night before our renewal, so that won't work (unless you all think it'd make a better pre-celebratory lunch as opposed to dinner...)

Thanks in advance for the suggestions. We're real excited about this (it's also our first child-free vacation in an eternity, so we don't mind living it up a little!)

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  1. Well, for sheer atmosphere I would choose Auberge - it's beautiful and the view is truly special. Redd has great food, but it's like eating in any city restaurant.

    1. Have been to both and given the occasion, would definitely choose Auberge over Redd. If you're interested, Auberge will even bake you a small cake. Just call ahead to make arrangements. Another thought - why not go after your ceremony for dinner, instead of before for lunch. Lingering over champagne, soaking in the view, and having time to enjoy each other's company, will certainly make for a lovely celebration.

      Either way, congratulations!

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          I agree about Meadowwood, but I'm not sure they are open for lunch. If OP decides to do dinner instead, that to me is the choice.