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Apr 14, 2014 01:37 PM

Do you ever contact the manufacturer?

Very recently my son opened a frozen dinner we had purchased. This dinner was supposed to contain a meat, a vegetable and a dessert. I contained only the vegetable and the dessert. I called the manufacturer and explained what we found. They were very apologetic, and promised free product coupons.

Even more recently, son #2 opened a jar of pickles for the first time. Ate part of a spear, and told me it "tasted weird". I took a taste, and there was a very metallic taste to the pickle. I sent the manufacturer an email this time. I got a snail mail reply with two free product coupons.

I like the idea that Customer Service from these two firms have made me whole on my purchase. But I'm wondering if the complaint resulted in any type of recall of the lot numbers I provided.

Have you had any similar interactions with food processors?

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  1. I certainly do.
    Compliments or complaints.I get coupons or free product vouchers 95% of the time.
    I feel as a consumer..the company should know

    1. I contact for positive and negative feedback.
      I haven't come across anything worrisome that I thought might result in a recall.
      Most appreciate the feedback and for your time, sometimes you get a coupon or two.

      1. I find it highly unlikely that they would do a recall based on a single complaint from an ordinary customer. One can expect that from distributing thousands of pickle jars, one or two will be "imperfect"; they are not going to recall the whole lot based on one complaint. Now, if they get multiple complaints about the same thing, or if the caller is a medical professional representing herself/himself as such to report a genuine medical issue, that would be a different story. Though I can't imaging that in the case of a genuine medical problem, a doctor would simply dial the customer service center and leave that complaint to the customer service rep.

        Many years ago after a friend and I had many too many glasses of wine, for whatever reason we called the number on the back of a box of Barilla pasta to ask what one would use that shaped pasta for. We got a recording, but the next day, they called back and left a message giving us suggestions for using that shape (er, in cooking, not what we could go and do with it). I must have killed those brain cells as I have no idea what the shape of the pasta was.

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          "Hello, Mr. Barilla, what do I do with this bowtie thingy?"

          1. re: monavano

            Yeah, that's why I was so surprised they actually called back!

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              Ha, drinking and dialing can be a crap shoot!

        2. Several years ago my father bought some fresh, not frozen pierogis, from Costco. They were terrible. My father e-mailed the manufacturer with his complaints. My father described the pierogi filling as looking like 'chicken fat' but did not taste as good. They sent him coupons for more free crappy pierogis.

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          1. re: John E.

            "Hi, your product sucks."
            "Great, have some more, on the house!"

          2. Many more years ago than I care to count, I spent a year in France as a student. I was terribly homesick, yearning for a taste of America (in the land of wonderful food!). A fellow student gave me a Mars candy bar and I cried. Instead of high-end chocolates, this tasted like heaven to me. I wrote to the Mars Candy Co telling them of this magical experience and what "a taste of home" meant to me. Not too long afterward, a huge box arrived on our doorstep. Yep. Boxes and boxes of candy bars from Mars with a lovely letter accompanying. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Mars and can still get misty thinking about how much this meant to me. That single positive customer service experience made me a believer in sending "attaboy" letters to companies when they have done something noteworthy.

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              1. re: Sherri

                Mars is a closely held LLC. That means the family still owns Mars. They can still do things like they did for you. 

                1. re: John E.

                  It just goes to show you have far afoot we have gone in this country. Customers used to be important, now there's just dividends.