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Apr 14, 2014 12:41 PM

Great steak and seafood?

Visiting for the first time next month with my husband, who loves steak. I don't eat meat, but will do a very mild fish or scallops. I could also make a meal out of side dishes if they are exceptionally good. If you have a specific cut to recommend for my husband (who normally gets a medium rare filet from Ruth's Chris - his favorite place where we live - but he's adventurous), that'd be great. Expensive is OK. Bonus if it's not stuffy/formal (would be comfortable in business casual attire). Thanks!

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  1. Carnevino. My brother and sister-in-law are there and she doesn't eat beef. Both of them LOVED their meal.

    1. Second Carnevino. Steak for him, pasta or apps for you. Perfect.

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        Thanks! I've enjoyed Mario's restaurants in NY so this is a good option for us.

      2. SW in Wynn is steak heavy restaurant that has some outstanding appetizers/sides/non-steak options. A legitimate and excellent chef on the line in David Walzog, which most others cannot claim. And the setting is among the best for steakhouses in LV. CUT also ranks up there as there appetizers and sides (they have several entree items that are not steak but I have never had) that are great.

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          Second SW...especially because David is in the kitchen turning out his excellent food....been a fan of his since his early days in NYC...PS: Ask to sit near the "rock"

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            Thanks - one of my coworker's whose been to Vegas many times says Wynn is a neat place to visit because of the ambiance - I will check out the SW menu.

        2. Visiting Vegas for the first time ....or visiting Vegas with your husband for the first time?
          Seriously, if its your first time to Vegas you have to go downtown just for the sake of saying you went. It really is a must see at least once.
          Vic and Anthony's in the Golden Nugget is fantastic. It ranks right up there with Ruth's Chris and then some. Excellent food, service and atmosphere. I favor filets also and you can't beat V&A. Read all the posts and you'll see 99.9% of the reviews are very positive. I highly recommend a quiet romantic evening at a reasonable price. Check out their website.
          Let us know where you end up at. Enjoy!

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            Yep, first time to Vegas for both of us! I will look into V&A as well - are their "non-steak" items as good as the beef? I appreciate all the replies!