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Apr 14, 2014 12:31 PM

Serious Eats

Hi, all. What's your favorite Serious Eats article or recipe?

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  1. Its twisted, and horrifying, and really only good while hot (does not hold well) but its inspired and never fails to amaze recipients:

    so sue me.

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    1. re: hyde

      Oh, my. Someone just MIGHT sue you for THAT....;-)

    2. Halal cart chicken recipe. I've never had the original version in New York but it is so good. I will think of some others I really like.

      1. It's a tie - Halal cart style chicken and Hot and Sour soup

        1. I really enjoyed reading along with Kenji and Ed's vegan experience this year- it was really inspiring to see how two serious "foodies" ate. And it wasn't rabbit food and sprouts ;)
          I loved loved loved this salad:

          1. Considering how long it has been around, it is impressive that Serious Eats keeps improving. If you are particularly interested in recipes, I'd definitely start with Kenji's recipes and suggestions, which manage to be simultaneously substantial, playful, and practical.