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Oct 20, 2003 08:16 PM

questions about Le p'tit plateau

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What kind of atmosphere/ambience can I expect at this place and what's the average bill for two people?
thank you

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  1. A former dépanneur (corner store), it's a small space with fewer than 40 seats. The wooden tables are packed close together and the chairs are not going to win any awards for comfort. Walls are cream coloured, the tin ceiling painted bronze. There's a bit of artwork — prints, I think — on the walls. The open kitchen is set off by wood counters and cabinets. Two large windows flank the front door; the vestibule creates alcoves on either side, meaning the tables under the windows are the most desirable (otherwise, you're sitting in the middle of the room). Lighting is incadescent and not too bright; the windows are edged with small white christmas tree lights. Pleasant jazzish music plays unobtrusively in the background, obliterated by the din of people enjoying themselves. All in all the look and feel is warm and welcoming if a bit cheek by jowl. Some people complain that the service is brusque; I think of it as efficient. I do wish they cleared away used cutlery after each course, though.

    Basic dinner (soup or a salad, bread, main course and coffee, tea or tisane) runs C$24-30. You can supplement that with appetizers (mostly in the C$6-8 range, except for the foie gras, a bargain at $14), dessert (also C$6-8) and espresso, cappucino, etc. (C$2-4). A recent dinner for two with two foie gras apps (actually one would have sufficed for the two of us) and two crème brûlées came to a bit over C$125 including tax and tip.