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Apr 14, 2014 06:31 AM

super budget meals

Can you make a meal for under a buck? Not per serving..but the entire meal
Not ramen( too easy).
Or any great budget meal ideas

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  1. All I can think of is eggs with a veggie and/or some soybeans Or soybeans with cheese.

    Sometimes a quick lunch for me is a 1/2 cup or more of black soybeans with vinaigrette.

    1. Sure... if you define the rules.

      I can cook home made marinara from scratch for 4 over pasta of choice for under $1 a serving but by its nature the sauce needs to be made in a batch size. Not one person fired as needed cooking.

      I can do the same if I do basil pesto from my garden where I use cashews instead of pine nuts, EVOO, green can parm, 50 cent a head garlic and $1/lb Barilla pasta.

      Big Frozen lasagana at $6 at the food service stores will get you under $1 a head as well.

      Eating well and under $1 a meal often is certainly not my game and not an easy feat.

      Under a $1 for two or more. Not the norm in North America.
      Other parts of the world- possibly and if self sustaining, a good chance.

      Fish, hunt, trap or forage for your meals = low cost. Not practical with a job and a mortgage. YMMV.

      Best of luck with your quest.

      1. Soups, particularly legume soups can do it

        A bag of dried beams and a bag of rice can be had for a dollar and will feed four giving you $2 to add other stuff.

        scale is a big factor in this $1 premise as is the idea of "pantry items" like seasonings and cooking oil that don't factor in high in cost of bought in quantity and stocked but get expensive fast if purchased meal specific

        I am sure you could manage an excellent Dal or a potato/vegetable curry if you allow for a spice rack in the equation.

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          i have at least 5 curried dals that i make on a regular basis that cost less than $1/pp

          punjabi rajma

          my white bean and kale dish

          minestrone soup made with kidney beans, frozen vegetables, pasta.

          lentil soup with frozen vegetables

          ethiopian shiro

          chana masala

          moroccan chick pea stew

          1. re: westsidegal

            yep...I can buy a 1 pound bag of dried black beans at the Dollar store for $1...rice is 88 cents per 1 pound bag (so let's say you cook up 1/4 of those bags)...steam up some carrots and IF the OP is talking about a SINGLE meal with modest portion sizes, I am quite sure mine would come in at about $1.

        2. Chicken stock, can of beans (or dried beans), half cup of pasta (orzo, tiny shells, mini elbows etc), block of frozen spinach, quarter can of diced tomaotes. Add desired spices-thyme or a piece of bay leaf or basil. Squeeze of lemon juice and touch of salt to finish. I buy froz spinach when on sale and with coupons so can get it for 25-50 cents. Same with beans (prefer navy or cannelloni) -25cents/can. Tomatoes 50cents or use fresh if available in garden or on close out (produce scratch & dent section). Pasta, stock, seasonings, if no stock then bouillion (sp), salt, pepper, lemon are all staples.

          Change spinach to any seasonal green when available by garden or cost availability. Add sausage when it's in your freezer ( italian sausage, tho I've been known to throw in andouille or kielbasa in a crunch).

          1. Pasta, rice, legumes etc can be extended with chicken from the leg or thigh or cheap pork cuts or tofu or a fried/poached egg on top.

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            1. re: zackly

              But that's more than $1 for the "whole meal" not per serving as the OP stipulated. At least your suggested meal has some actual nourishment, though!

              1. re: mcf

                Pretty much everyone except the OP is talking PP.
                I agree these are not what the OP wasa asking.

                1. re: mcf

                  "Or any great budget meal ideas"