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Apr 14, 2014 06:07 AM

Local food blogs

Does anyone have a local food blog they follow?

I like Carrie's blog...she's from NH.

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    1. re: rizzo0904

      Thanks for this. I now need to make a trip to Randolph VT for some BBQ. :)

    2. Mister Meatball, absolutely.

      I think he's based in Portland, and IIRC he posts here on CH occasionally.

      Yes, I have tried making meatballs per his method and they were wonderful. I was touched by his blog entry a couple of months back entitled Otis' Cheese.

      1. portlandfoodmap is a great resource for people interested in the Portland food scene and we're lucky to have it--it's a news aggregator/conceptual map/list/calendar of most everything pertaining to the Portland food landscape. I use the term news aggregator broadly as entries are clearly assembled by human who likes what he's doing--

        PFM has a listing of Portland related food blogs--including handy added granulation of what's active and inactive. If you're browsing restaurant listings on the site, blogs from away that have covered Portland restaurants are listed under the individual restaurant entries, too--

        A couple of Portland area food bloggers--The Blueberry Files and From Away--have books coming out this year, too.
        My favorite right now is the Booze Fish and Coffee podcast