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Apr 14, 2014 06:07 AM

Need a good butcher in Waukesha County, WI

I am looking for a good ham for Easter dinner.I don't want those extra-pink extra-salty Cook things you find in the grocery stores; I'm hoping to find the kind of ham roast I remember from my childhood on the farm when my dad would send a pig in to be processed. Can anyone point me toward a local butcher shop or packing plant with a retail side? Many thanks!

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  1. Hi shaja. Good to hear from you. Grasch Foods in Brookfield (Waukesha County) should be able to provide what you are looking for in a ham of that type. I would imagine that with this amount of advanced notice they could probably even get a Heritage pork ham for you.


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      I second Grash. Their butcher shop has come through for me many times for "strange" items not normally found.

      However, if you ever go "Nordt" by Sheboygan, check out Meisfields to see Wisconsin impressive.

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        Excellent advice. Meisfields is top-notch. There are also places in OZ county that are great as well.

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          Um, who in OZ?
          Bunzels for close to me in MKE, but I haven't heard of places in OZ.

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        Hi, Fowler and exvaxman, thanks much! I will check them out. I never thought that good old-fashioned farm fresh meat would one day be considered "exotic."

        (I've been here on the boards, just lurking because I didn't have much to say. But, now that I think of it, I owe a long overdue report on the places we've visited since we moved here. It may be time to start another Waukesha County thread!)

      3. I'd check Karl's on Pilgrim & Silver Spring in the Falls.

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          I have always found Karl's to be overpriced. Very good, but overpriced.

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            Thanks for the recommendation and the caution. Mr. Shaja mentioned seeing that store on his travels, and he promised to check it out for me today.

          2. Have you tried Robert’s on Sunset in Waukesha? I sort of have mixed feelings about the place (it could be cleaner, the owner seems great/knowledgeable, but the rest of the staff could use some work), but thought it was worth mentioning if you don’t know it is there. I have spoken with the owner regarding special orders and he says they keep things pretty basic in the shop due to normal demand, but are happy to take special orders. I have bought fresh beef there on several occasions and have been happy with it.

            1. Fox Bros. Pigs is also a good option.

              1. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions. Here's the ham shopping report with how we accidentally ended up with 20 pounds of Ham!

                I did check out Roberts, and right away I was put off by how dirty it was. It did smell great, though, as something was being smoked. The meat did look very good. But, the hams were $80-$100, which was well out of budget.

                Grasch was very nice. Two coworkers knew of it; one said "it's a lovely store," the other said she's had mixed results there. I liked the upscale variety, but the prices were also very high (carton of Minute Maid OJ was more than $4). The chicken dumpling soup from the deli honestly wasn't very good (hardest dumpling I've ever had). I was encouraged to see they had hams from Lake Geneva Country Meats, and I was all set to buy one there ...

                ... Until I unexpectedly had to go down to Walworth County yesterday. Since I was in the area, I stopped in at Lake Geneva Country Meats and got the same ham as was at Grasch's for $10 less. 7 lbs.

                At the same time, Mr. Shaja (the family grill-master) decided to go to Karl's and had a blast checking it out. He loved the selection of sausages and meats, and I have a feeling he will be back often looking for something new to grill. He splurged and picked up a 13 lb. ham to surprise me! An actual ham, not a "water or natural juices added ham."

                We only have 5 people coming over for Easter dinner.

                Next - we've got to get that whopper cut in half or else we'll have dinner guests laying in ham comas on the lawn!!! Thank goodness we have a good chest freezer.

                Thanks, everyone!