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Apr 14, 2014 03:35 AM

Hedone April 2014

I'm going to Hedone for dinner tomorrow - very excited, especially as my usual restaurants are definitely not in that class. Has anyone been recently and can suggest a must-eat?

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  1. I hope you get some replies as we're going on Saturday night. Let me know what you found!

    1. My wife and I had the tasting menu about a month ago, and were really very impressed.

      If you can stretch to either the tasting menu or the carte blanche, obviously those are a very good way to experience everything the restaurant has to offer. We didn't feel like there was a single dud course in the carte blanche.

      The liquid parmesan raviolo is deservedly recognised as one of their best dishes, so I would try to have that.

      1. We are going Thursday ... I was under the impression he changes the menu almost daily, sometimes even during a single service as he runs out of limited-quantity items, so perhaps hard to make suggestions?

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          Were there places to park a car close to Hedone? We are debating whether to drive or go by Tube, and can't make a decision.

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            There is a big Sainsbury near Chiswick Park tube station with a large open air car park. There is street parking along that bit of the High Road and around the green - not certain how much of it's reserved for residents though (I used to live in the area and it was all free but I think its changed). You can also look at the residential streets near Gunnersbury tube station as there is a cut through the station to the high street.

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              Thanks very much, Phil. That helps a lot.

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              We just did a dry run on the tube via Chiswick Park and noted a sign warning of station closures for repairs at night starting Thursday, the day we visit. So we rode back from Gunnersbury station.

              So maybe check availability on Sat night to be sure.

              1. re: willyum

                Thanks... it will be a holiday weekend so I'll check for sure, but I have a feeling we'll drive.

          2. As others have said, if you can push the boat out, just go for the Carte Blanche (£95 when we were there last year) since that will be the best of the best chef has. The restaurant is so produce orientated that this should take precedence over the particular dish in my mind.

            1. It was fabulous. My cousin and I felt the boat was pushed far enough out with the tasting menu plus wine pairing without going for the carte blanche.
              While it may be produce driven, the techniques are also superb. A canapé of of black eel cornet with beetroot foam was one of the stand-outs, another was the warm chocolate with powdered raspberry crisp disc and passionfruit jelly.
              Service was delightful. We had an extra cheese course, which we debated, and they thoughtfully brought two plates with the portion divided between us. The cheeses were French, and good. It would have been nice to have the option of British cheeses and they took the contact info for my local very good cheese shop.
              Re car vs tube, driving limits your access to their very good wine list.

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                True... no drinking and driving. We don't drink much these days, so we'll be OK with the car. Thanks for the report. I can't wait till Saturday.