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Apr 14, 2014 12:51 AM

Grandma Linda's Ice Cream Shop [Sonoma Plaza]

In Sonoma on Sunday, I wanted to drop by the converted Ben & Jerry's, now Grandma Linda's Ice Cream Shop, to see the infamous pink painted door with my own eyes. Looks fine to me but what do I know about historic shades of pink.

Had a taste of Umpqua Ice Cream's Mountain Berry Revel. Icy and seems on the low side butterfatwise. On the positive side, sweetness was in check. Still, not my style, the abandoned Ben & Jerry's makes a better product.

Grandma Linda's Ice Cream Shop
408 1st St E
Sonoma, CA 95476

"Sonoma ice cream shop's pink door can stay"

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  1. I wish I could support them, just because the entire brouhaha about the pink made me roll my eyes. But why would I buy prefab ice cream in Sonoma when I could have house made at La Michoacana up in the Springs?

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      True that. When the closing of Ben & Jerry's was first announced and the changeover to independent status, I thought I had read that it was going to serve up grandma's recipe ice cream or something like that. And if you're going to put your grandmother's name on it, pick a better quality product. It's $3 for a single scoop.

      Edited to add: Checking the boards for Oregon, apparently Umpqua ice cream has its fans. I couldn't say it's good, but maybe it doesn't make the trip down here well.

      Does Frozen Art still have a shop on Hwy 12? I like La Michoacana but I think Frozen Art is even better. But I've only been to the Santa Rosa original.