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Apr 13, 2014 07:12 PM

Charlotte dinner mid-range (i.e. not fancy or $20 entrees and higher)

Taking friends to dinner and want a suggestion for a not overly expensive place, near Elizabeth or nearby...(Carpe Diem and Customhouse too expensive).
Looking for under $20 for entrees. They don't drink alcohol, so that's not an issue.
What are some options for middle price range and good?
The Liberty could work....we can go beyond Elizabeth.

No tapas or small plates.


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  1. Cajun Queen (in Elizabeth), Greek Isles, Big Ben, Intermezzo, Tupelo Honey (I haven't tried the Charlotte location yet, but I love the Asheville location...not everyone agrees).

    1. How about Rooster, either uptown or SouthPark? Or Kings Kitchen uptown? Or Mama Ricotta's on Kings Drive?

        1. Best deal for taking out people is The Wine Shop at Foxcroft.

          Nan and Byron's
          The Wooden Vine
          Zio Italian

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            Isn't the Wine Shop all small plates? Wooden Vine is primarily small plates and their limited number of entrees are all $20 or more.

          2. Bistro La Bon on Central Ave. just did a massive interior remodel and it's gorgeous. There food always impresses me. I always look at the bill and think that they forgot to add some dishes because it's always less than expected.

            Cuisine Malaya on Elizabeth Ave.

            300 East on East Blvd has a diverse menu and I love the atmosphere there.

            I also like Greek Isles as c'dawg recommended.