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Lunch Near Bergdorfs & One Dinner in May

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Coming to NYC from Toronto over the first weekend in May. Hoping to take my Mom for an early Mother's Day lunch (she is visiting from Vancouver) and wanting suggestions near Bergdorfs. I am mulling over Nougatine at Jean-Georges or Betony. Thoughts? Other suggestions welcome - looking for modern/creative food.

Additionally, we have two dinners planned. The first at Estela and the second is booked for Pearl & Ash. Unfortunately, our party has increased by two and I do not think they will accept a larger booking. Any suggestions for replacements along the same lines? We tried to book Alder but were too late and it is fully booked.

Thanks in advance for your help and I promise to report back!!

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  1. What dates/days of the week are you here? Fri-Sun?

    Why Nougatine and not JG proper? JG's formal dining room serves lunch daily. Betony only serves lunch on weekdays.

    More prix fixe lunch deals:

    Have you tried calling Pearl & Ash to see if they can accommodate two more people?

    If you're thinking East Village/LES as well as modern/creative, also look at Empellon Cocina. Momofuku Ssam if you're willing to wait.

    1. Thanks! The lunch is for Friday May 2nd - was keen to do JG proper but it is booked that day until 2pm :( Thanks for the link to the prix fixe lunch list - that is awesome!

      I have left a message with Pearl & Ash so will see what they say. We do not need to be in the East Village/LES - more geared towards the type of food and not so much the location. We are open! Thanks for the two suggestions. Unfortunately, my Dad does not eat Mexican (even though it is modern/spin off nor does he wait in lines :) Ha ha! Other than those two parameters, he is pretty open.

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        I think JG for lunch with mom is really perfect.... If you book the 2pm you could always wander thru the plaza food hall for a late morning snack to tide you over.... (Plus you'll have more time to shop before! :)

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          No idea if the meal at Pearl & Ash involves your mother, or what her age might be. But when I dined there 6 months or so ago is was incredibly loud. Not just "loud and happening full of 30 somethings" loud, but preposterously loud, mostly with very loud music. I don't think I've ever been in a louder restaurant in my life.

          We actually cut our meal short and left. A shame as the place has a very well selected wine list.

        2. I would also look at

          1. For Mother's Day:

            Bar Room at The Modern

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            1. Love the Bar Room at the Modern.

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                Have you been since the menu change?

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                  Yes, I prefer the new menu at the Bar Room. It's more American than French, less fussy, with larger portions. They retained the Alsatian tart which is now just as good as Benoit's version. The desserts at the Bar Room are still excellent.

              2. Thank you all for your feedback and tips - NYC was a true success!

                We ended up having a delicious lunch at Nougatine. Food was amazing and very creative/light and the view over the park was perfect. The only down side was that we had a table right next to the front doors and every time they opened the wind was so bad all our napkins flew off our laps - became quite comedic but it was not possible to move so we made the best of it :)

                Also hit two great dinner spots - Public which was buzzy and very interesting menu. We tasted almost everything and there was not one miss. Wine was fantastic and overall evening was a hit.

                Same went with Estela - nearly flawless and packed on a Sunday night which I loved. We tasted one of everything on the menu as we were a group of five and again everything was delicious as were the cocktails. All in all a huge success.

                Also hit Parms for my first time which was such a pleasant surprise (I love calamari). The calamari was just what I expected and the selection of small vegetables were so creative and not what I expected from a diner. A perfect afternoon snack.

                Thanks again for all your help!

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